Tuesday, July 13, 2010

St. Helens

Yesterday Benjamin, Bethany, and I hiked Mt. St. Helens with a buncha people from church.

It was hard.

There were lots of rocks.

This is Sam. With a purple backpack.

This is the god of mountain climbing. (aka Sam)

View from part-way up.


Rebekah and I.

This is me.

There were 50-60 mph winds up closer to the summit, and it was blowing rocks and pieces of ice. Which was not comfortable. I held on to Benjamin the rest of the way up so I didn't get blown away!

The wind did calm down after awhile, and mostly just came in really violent gusts every once in awhile.

Here I am... taking a rest. :-)

We could see three other mountains from the top.

Three other people from our group got to the top, but we (above) were the only others who made it.
It was probably the hardest and awesomest thing I have ever done.


  1. Love the photos! :-)

    You are a pretty determined gal to get to that tippy tippy top!
    Way to go! :-)

  2. Nice photos! Good job on getting to the top..! It's always worth the view. :)

  3. wooohooo! you go, girl! :) I'm glad you made it all the way to the top..that's awesome.

  4. Dude, it was awesome! Can't wait for next year. Great pics btw. :)

  5. Yay!! I'm still waiting for my mom's camera to revive so I can post my pics =P
    Good job! In Hadley's words, we SO totally conquered that mountain =D

  6. I love that picure of you taking a rest.

    It's great seeing the pictures!

    I'm so proud of you. That took some serious perserverence.

  7. The "God of mountain climbing" should not have a purple backpack...

  8. Wow! Looks like you had a FABULOUS time!!


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