Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fashion Hates: Shoes


Everyone says they are comfortable.  I like to quote my friend Ellen. "If your shoes are comfortable, they're not cute enough!"
Besides being cloggish and ugly, they are expensive! That bugs me.
They are okay for gardening, maybe. If you garden alone.

Baby crocs are okay. Especially when they have cute fuzzy stuff in them.

Ugg boots.
I feel like the name would sorta give the hint.
Yuck, yuck. Clunky, bulby, icky.
Depending on what they are worn with. Ocassionally they might look half-okay. But not often.

Gladiator sandals.
A few of them are okay, but overall, I really, really can't stand this trend. And they are SO popular. Gah.
Besides the fact that: Gladiators: big hunky men who killed each other in Roman times. And we went to copy their style because...?
I will be so happy when this fad is over. I'm gonna go hibernate until it's over, okay? Come and wake me up when they are gone.


  1. Oh, my word those are the three shoes I hate too. :P :P

    Especially the Gladiator sandals... :P

  2. Oh I HATE Crocs! They bug me soooooo bad! :-P

  3. Crocs = GAG

    I have never understood the hype.

    I think they'll be one of those things that people will look back and say, "Oh, those were SOO 2000's. I can't believe we wore those things!"

  4. There are some "Gladiator" sandals that I've thought were pretty cute.
    crocs though - yeah, that trend kinda lost me...

  5. oh, and uggs - I have a pair of slippers that are kind of ugg style - but I wear them as slippers -not shoes to be seen in the mall with skinny jeans. :)

  6. iiick. uhggg. yuuuck. *wrinkles nose in disgust* ;)

  7. lol I don't remember saying that! ;)

    Hate crocs, hate uggs (although, ahem, I did wear them one season with skinny jeans..WHAT was I thinking?). I do like Gladiator sandals, though..but not the ones that go all the way up your leg. ;)

  8. I chose not to believe the ones who swear crocs are comfortable. I never really liked the look of them. However, several of my friends adore them, so I shall take my secret to the grave.

  9. Hibernating until the gladiator sandals are out of fashion? We'll miss you the next time we go to the mall.

  10. I couldn't agree more. I think the worst out of the 3 evils is the CROCS. UGH.

  11. I must admit to owning a pair of crocks (purple!), AND to wearing them at Family Camp. Shocking, I know! In my defense, I was pregnant at the time, my feet were REALLY swollen, and they were the only other shoes besides flip-flops that would fit.
    Other than that, I generally just wear them around the farm, and okay, maybe occasionally to the store if it's a big rainstorm.
    Does that make me completely fashion-less?

  12. It's okay if you're pregnant, Leah. :-)

  13. Not at all, my dear Leah, not at all.

    You just happened upon a crowd that is not overly fond of them.
    Just look a little further and you'll find plenty of folk who adore them and think that those who don't have no sense of fashion.

  14. I adore mary jane Crocs! There I said it. I have one bad knee and these shoes make my feet and knee feel very good. We have hardwood floors so I wear them all the time (but hardly in public).

    I even do my weight lifting in my mary jane Crocs - so there :)

  15. How on earth did you manage to get a picture of the most UGLY gladiator shoes in the world?!?!?! I must agree... all the shoes you mentioned are UGLY and clunky! I will admit though, I love boots! But not Uggs... they are SO expensive! I like thinner boots. And I sort of like the crocs WITH fur. Except they don't match with ANYTHING! And they're kind of ugly... :) But they are SO soft, warm, and comfortable :)


  16. Okay I agree, crocs suck! But Ugg Boots and Gladiator Sandals are freaking cute! I love them and wear them all the time! :) They're so cute!

  17. Oh my, I can't agree with you enough. Really. Uggs are definetely UGGly. Crocs, too; and not to mention the gladiator sandals! Yuck. We have a lot in common!

    In Christ,


  18. I totally agree! Crocs are ugly, they may be comfortable but they are hideous, shoes need to be cute and comfortable. Gladiator sandals are from ancient Roman times, not the 21rst century, and Uggs..., well they're just plain "ugg"ly!
    They're so chunky looking and unstylish.

  19. Real uggs are ugly. So are crocs. I have both but the uggs are fake. And comfy. But not very stylish. Crocs have no arch support anyway.


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