Sunday, July 18, 2010

In which I find that baseball is not for me.

So. On Friday night we went to PGE park in Portland to see a Beavers baseball game.
Actually, we went to see our church choir sing the national anthem.

I thought maybe I would enjoy the game more than I anticipated.
I have never liked baseball, but I have never been to a real game...only seen it in movies and stuff.
(Like Frequency.)

This is the choir. They sounded awesome.

It turns out I don't like baseball.
I like it even less than I thought I might.
I really liked the beaver guy though.

But at least I experienced it. It wasn't awful.
Mostly just boring.

Me (to Benjamin): Can you imagine having the self-confidence
to stand like this in front of hundreds of people?
Ben: Uh, I would do it.

Sheesh. Boys.

This was a highlight, definitely.

When I got really bored, I read this.
And then Rebekah invited me to sit with her and we talked about how we wished we could dress up 
like beavers and run around with our tails flapping.

Oh, and she understood about the self-confidence thing.

P.S. Those of you who love Leverage--they filmed at least part of the second and third seasons in Portland (!!) and "The Three Strikes Job" was filmed at PGE park. You know the one where Eliot plays baseball? (Still trying to forgive him for actually enjoying it by the end).


  1. LOL... yeah... that's definately a guy thing to be okay with that.
    I'm glad you were there- it was fun hangin' out ;)

  2. LOL about the self-confidence thing. I showed it to John and he couldn't even figure out what the problem was...while I had already had thoughts about the fellow's awkward position in the photo before even reading about your conversation with Benjamin! :-D

  3. Ruby would have liked that BIG beaver!
    I'm with you about baseball. I find nothing wrong with it, and since a lot of money in put into those games, it's good someone likes it. It's just not us.

  4. Yep, I find baseball very boring and dull. I would rather sit and watch Dora for 4 hours straight....ok maybe not ;) but you get my point ;)

    with love,


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