Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 4: A favorite TV show

Well, I think you all know by now that I love Leverage. :-)
I have never watched it on TV...a week after every episode airs, it is available on Hulu and the Leverage website. Not all of the episodes are squeaky-clean, but the worst of it is some suggestive dialog and mild language. I don't feel like explaining the gist of the show, so here is the Wikipedia article about it. :-)

Nathan Ford, the leader of the team.
I don't like him much.

Alec Hardison, the hacker. He is a combination of a geek and nerd (see my brother Benjamin's explanation of these two types of people here.) and even though he plays World of Warcraft, I think he is awesome. And he isn't geeky in the unable-to-communicate-with-people sort of way. In one episode he pretends to be a lawyer, and it is awesome.

Sophie Devereaux, the grifter. Basically, her job is to butter up people to either extract information or distract them.

Parker, the stealer. She pickpockets everything from people, crawls through vents and gets through laser security alarms and stuff like that.

Last, but certainly not least, Eliot Spencer, the hitter. (Beats up all the bad guys). YAY.
And, I'm sorry, but I like his hair.


  1. I was pretty sure you'd pick this one for Day 4. :-)
    The stealer sounds like an interesting job.
    Eliot looks like he does his job well.

  2. A favorite of mine too! Alex and Parker are my fave characters!


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