Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I just finished watching "Mulan" for the second time. I love it.

I always thought that it would be lame because of the girl fighting and all, but then I watched it... And it seems like the message is more that she was able to do great things, but she realizes that she does not belong trying to do what guys do, so she goes back home, and back to being a girl, and accomplishes even greater things by just being a brave girl.

I love her clothing. Although the sleeves pictured above don't seem too practical...

Mushu is awesome!

And unlike most Disney heroes who just  flirt outrageously with princesses at wishing wells, send their doddering dukes to do all their dirty work, and then show up randomly to smooch the gal and then ride off into the sunset...*

Shang is actually a character, since he is in almost all of the movie, and he is really cool! I wouldn't have minded if they had ridden off into the sunset.

This photo is actually from "Mulan II" when he proposes. 

Have you seen it? What was your interpretation of the overall message? If you haven't seen it, you should!

*My disappointment in Disney males is second only to my hatred of superheroes' girlfriends. Maybe I'll devote a post to that another day.


  1. This is so funny that you did this post, I just watched Mulan for the first time last night!
    I liked it. :) I liked that her dad was cool. I liked that she didn't go to the army to try to prove that she could be the same as guys, she was trying to save her dad.
    I LOVE MUSHU!!!!!! Who did his voice?
    But....I thought Shang was kinda lame. I mean, he couldn't even save himself, and even though Mulan saved his life he was still prejudiced by his culture's traditions...he kind of made me mad. ;)

  2. Strange, but I just recently watched this movie again! I love it too! It is also great that it wasn't trying to prove Mulan as being one of the guys, at least that was not her motivation.

    I love Shang too! He is one of my favorite Disney male characters! He is tall, strong, and handsome. :P I don't really have any anger against Disney males, because there have been some good ones like Prince Phillip, Hercules, Prince Erik was all right, Aladdin, the Beast, Pheobus, and Prince Naveen to name a few. Did you see The Princess and the Frog? I love Naveen. He is awesome. I would say that Cinderella and Snow White were the only ones that had the lamest, stupidest, and one-dimensional Disney males ever.

    What was Mulan II about? I have never seen it. If I don't have any passionate feelings against Disney Males, I certainly do against Disney sequels! Haha!

  3. That's actually true about Disney guys. I guess I'm mostly thinking of Prince Charming and Snow White's guy.

    I LOVE PRINCE NAVEEN!!! I haven't seen Hercules, but I'm pretty sure I would like him... and I love Aladdin....

    Esmeralda, Eddie Murphy did Mushu's voice. :-)
    Part of what I liked about Shang was that he wasn't perfect, and he had to deal with his father's death and stuff. But of course, it is ANNOYING when he doesn't forgive her right away.

    I haven't seen Mulan II... I heard it wasn't too great. But I'd kinda like to see it and judge for myself. Yes, Disney sequels are generally pretty horrid.

  4. My favorite Disney guy is probably Aladdin. I would have to agree, in general Disney guys are one-dimensional...that's why I like Aladdin. I love Jasmine too :) Does Mowgli count as a Disney guy? Cause I love him too :)

  5. I've never seen Jungle Book...

  6. Yes! Another Prince Naveen fan! I loved The Princess and the Frog, which I was really surprised by. I thought it wasn't going to be that great. The only problem of the movie, I thought, was that everything was really rushed. However, I know that is the product of our times. No one is willing to be patient and wait as a story develops. I mean compare Princess and the Frog to Dumbo or Robin Hood. The pace is strikingly different!

    I can't believe you haven't seen Hercules or Jungle Book! Haha! Both are great. Hercules is very different. The Disney "princess" is the sarcastic and cynical Megera, which is pretty edgy for a Disney movie. You have to see both!

    I stay away from Disney sequels. I have seen parts of Little Mermaid II (gag!) and Pocahontas II (totally nullified the first one) and Lion King II (save me!). From what I can remember the Aladdin sequels were actually not that bad, the third one being the worst. Nope. Disney should just keep it to one and not go on. Pixar is the only one who is able to do sequels right. (Toy Story 3!!!)

  7. Love Mulan!
    I love Anastasia. Dimitri is flipping cool! I love that name by the way... actually both names. Anastasia and Dimitri. <3

    Shang is awesome!!!


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