Thursday, May 20, 2010

Carter's Baby Girl Fashion

The females in my family all have a rather out-of proportion obsession with baby clothes. We have spent many hours and inordinate amounts of money in the Carter's Outlet. 

I think that when I have kids I will snobbily dress them in exclusively Carter's brand clothing. I love it. SO MUCH. I love the yummy fabric and the patterns and the tiny ruffles and the colors and the duckies and the cupcakes and best of all, the monkeys. You have to open that in a new tab because it is boys' baby fashion. And this post is about girls. Okay?

While whizzing through Fred Meyer, after I had lingered over the first perfect pair of white sandals I have met all year, and deciding that they were too expensive despite their undeniable allure, I saw the BABY CLOTHING SALE. And I saw this and wanted to buy it. Badly. 

And just in case you didn't know... this style of baby garment is called a 'creeper'. Which makes me laugh.
I love that baby fashion is influenced by adult fashion, but is (obviously) not the same. For instance, for the past several years polka dots and big, bold flower prints have been everywhere for babies, and also for women. I would rather wear a lot of the baby prints than the ones made for adults. Seriously, why can't they make clothing for ME out of that awesome soft cotton deliciousness?
And I wish I had a baby girl right now because I love all of the current baby fashions and what if they are hideous by the time I actually should be buying them? See, this is why I must buy everything. Right now.

I love this wrap around style.

Isn't the neckline adorable? 

I would wear this if it came in my size.

And this!

The aforementioned cupcakes.
Basic cuteness.

I don't think this would do good things for me. "Does this bug make my butt look big?"

Pink and brown. One of my favorite things in the world.

I would wear this, too, but somehow... I don't think it would be appropriate.

Stay tuned for a second post on baby fashion. And if you would like to continue the drool-fest, visit the Carter's website.


  1. I think you would look especially good in the last "creeper" -- but we might have to add a skirt.

  2. I LOVE baby clothes. These are sooo cute!
    I like the cupcake ones :)


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