Thursday, September 2, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic

One of my favorite romantic comedies EVER. Not only is it about shopping and clothes and deliciousness like that... but it also has a really sweet and innocent love story. Which seems to be lacking in lots of other romantic comedies. Even ones about fashion. (cough, cough...The Devil Wears Prada).

Hugh Dancy is the main guy, and he is just... awesome.
You know how "heroes" are usually jerks and stuff? This guy isn't.
Well, he does make me mad at some point, but he's not a jerk. 

Rebecca, the main character, is played by Isla Fisher, who is beautiful, and looks like Amy Adams.

It has minimal bad content... it's rated PG for "mild language and thematic elements."
Mostly what was annoying were some pretty indecent clothes... yeah. Yuck.

If you haven't seen it, you should. :-)


  1. I love that movie, but everyone else in the group I went with hated it and still to this day will bash it!=(
    They all thought it was too fluffy, but I say what's wrong with a little fluffy now and then?=)

  2. I think it is much less fluffy then most romantic comedies. I thought it was amazing. :-)
    And Luke is awesome.

  3. I watch it time to time, but the book is far much better....anyway I hope there will be a 2nd movie!!

    Zaira xx

  4. Love this movie...not as much as I love "Penelope", but close :-)
    There's a book? Awesome!

  5. I LOVED this movie, I thought the hero was very cool. :) He's a great actor. :) :)
    I agree, Penelope very sooo SWEET and adorablly fun. :)

  6. We really liked it too! I have read all the books and they were fun "fluffy" reading.

  7. I love this movie. :) but I also love Devil Wears Prada.. don't hate me. :P

  8. One of my favorites for a good girls night!! :)

  9. Gosh, I love Hugh Dancy. Someone suggested Penelope. Oh. My. You would love that movie. I promise. Watch it if you haven't! If you have, watch it again and post about it!

  10. Hugh Dancy is an amazing actor. Have you seen him in Adam?? NOT a romantic comedy, but his acting is incredible.

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