Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blog party

I'm joining Shannon's blog party. :-) She is having some pretty awesome giveaways.

1. Ring! Ring! You receive a phone call from a national sweepstakes organization saying that you have won a life-time supply of your favorite beverage!! What would that drink be?

Strawberry lemonade.
{one of my many amazing glasses of strawberry lemonade that I had this summer}

2. If you could live in a Jane Austen novel, which book would you pick? 
What character would you be?

Emma, because not as many dreadful things happen in it. And I would totally be Emma.

3. What is your theme song, that favorite song that absolutely matches you?

I'm not sure what song "absolutely matches me." 
But a song I love and relate to and could be by theme song is...
"Made to Love You" by TobyMac. Yes, it's rap... 
which isn't what I usually listen to, but this song is so amazing. 
Listen to it here. The video is just a bunch of weird pictures of TobyMac, though... 
so just listen. ;P
And... if you really can't handle the music, read the lyrics here.

4. You are trapped on a deserted island. Your only supplies are the clothes you have on, and a box with five things in it. What are those five things?

1. a cheese stick
2. a cell phone so I can call someone to pick me up.
3. my mp3 player, full of music and lectures to keep me occupied.
4. cute shoes, so I don't get to feeling ugly and alone.
5. and... a donut.

5. Chocolate or Caramel?
Chocolate. Duh.

6. Vacation! If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Italy, and then Paris.

7. If forced to do one of the two, which would you do: sky diving or scuba diving? Why?

Sky diving. I would have to be pushed, though, 
because I'm pretty sure I couldn't be brave enough to jump willingly. :P

8. Favorite TV show, and why?

Leverage. Because it's amazing. And because of Christian Kane.

9. Are you a coffee and donuts sorta lady, or a tea and scones type of gal?

Coffee and donuts! 

{me and my donut and coffee}

10. The time machine has finally been created, and you are the first to be able to use it! What era would you travel to?

I was going to say Regency, but... the mens' pants would bother me way too much. So... how about medieval times. As long as I could hop back whenever I wanted. 
I definitely wouldn't want to live in a different era. 

11. What is the last movie you watched?

The new Robin Hood. Extensive post coming up about it!

12. Ding-dong! Your favorite actor/singer/celebrity is at your front door! Who would it be?

Well, I have some favorite actors who I actually wouldn't want to meet,
 because they probably wouldn't be as awesome as I like to think they are. 

Clark Gable, Chi McBride, and Christian Kane

13. What was your absolute favorite toy as a child?

I had a pig doll with a pink dress. She always got married to Bethany's horse. 
Her name was Muffin.

14. What types of blogs do your like best? (examples: DIY, cooking, journal, ect.)

Ones about fashion, and ones with breathtaking photography.

15. What is your favorite Bible verse, your "life verse?"

I don't have an offical favorite (I'll have to work on that), 
but one that is a really good reminder to me is
Philippians 4:13-- 
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


  1. oh, oh!! I should've picked Christian Kane too!! I didn't know you liked him so much ;) Gosh, we'll have to talk more! :D *haha* Have you seen him in...oh nevermind...I'll ask you on Thursday - start a conversation in Portrait class ;)

  2. Yes, chocolate is a no-brainer. Anyone who says caramel should be... pushed! :)

  3. Great answers! I'm stopping by from Shannon's blog party and just wanted to say "hi!" :) I love your blog!

    -- Taylor

  4. Ooo, Clark Gable, love him! It's funny; I've always felt the same about meeting a celebrity, I know they wouldn’t be like I imagined. If I did meet one, I would want then to be in character. So, I guess I wouldn't want to meet Clark Gable; I would want to meet Rhett Butler! ;-)

  5. I agree on being Emma - Mr. Knightley has always been my favorite. :)

    And number 8? One of my fave shows. Did you get to go to the State Fair this year and see Christian Kane and his band perform? My friend and I went and tried not to be too silly about it. ;)

    And Chi McBride! I was just watching Pushing Daisies and practically had tears rolling down my face from laughter every time he got to say something.


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