Monday, June 7, 2010

Peter Pan

I'm participating in Wickfield Writing's Make Believe Peter Pan blog event!
I have always loved Peter Pan... we watched the cartoon A LOT when I was little. I always wanted to be Tiger Lily and marry Peter.
Not much has changed.

A couple years ago I saw the 2003 "real-people" adaptation of Peter Pan, and had mixed feelings about it. 
And then awhile later I watched it again, and decided I definitely liked it, despite some rather odd elements added to the story, some rather lame acting, and other things that are legitimate complaints about it.

So... I've never been a huge fan of Wendy. I mean, motherly, bossy big-sister types aren't my favorite.
And she is mean to Peter sometimes. >:(

But sometimes I do root for Wendy. And she is okay. I guess.

He looks so sad. *cry*

At this point I did feel bad for her.

"Mother and Father are fighting again!" LOL. Favorite quote.

My sister and I argue about Peter Pan. Because she always says he is immature and arrogant and intolerable and annoying and childish. And stuff like that. But I love his personality. IF ONLY he would have decided to come back and grow up. If I was Wendy I would have convinced him to stay.

Captain Hook was um... creepy. And really mean to Tinkerbell.
Oh, and I love that scene where Tinkerbell is in the drawer. It makes me LOL.

My romantic, inappropriately gooey side (which occasionally gets the better of me) loves this scene, which includes them dancing (in the air!!) at night. Swoon.
Peter Pan. Yeah. So my type.

The Lost Boys were awesome.

So the sorta controversial thing in this movie was the whole KISS. Warning bells. I mean, they are like 12. SO YEAH. It's a little weird. Well, try very weird.
By the way, my sister and I occasionally begin chanting "I DO believe in fairies... I DO , I DO..." at random.
Um, forget I said that. It's a little strange.

So have you seen the movie? What did you think?


  1. LOL.
    I have almost the exact same feelings about that movie! :-D

  2. Hahaha, the cartoon used to be my favorite movie EVER when I was younger. :) I havn't seen this version though.

  3. I loved the movie! I haven't seen it in such a long time, but I thought it was great. It was definitely a darker styled Peter Pan, which I like when things go darker. However, I do have to agree that there were some...odd...moments to be sure. The kiss, of course, being that they are children. That is just Hollywood, though. Another uncomfortable thing was how close Captain Hook got to Wendy on some occasions. I little TOO creepy, pedophile-ish. I wouldn't say that they were trying to get that across in the movie exactly, but it came just a little too close for comfort. Hehe! Still, I loved Captain Hook. He was a good villain and that actor played him well. I always wondered why the actor played their father as well (who was hilarious!). I wondered if they were trying to make some sort of connection, but I never could see exactly what they could mean by it.

    All in all, it was a good film. I loved the Disney version too of course. It is interesting to hear of your Peter Pan obsession and your dislike of Wendy! Haha! I consider myself sometimes the big sister, bossy, motherly type. ;) You are right. It can be annoying sometimes. Haha!

  4. So how do you like Peter Pan (not the story... the guy)? I know some people aren't big fans... him not wanting to grow up and all.

  5. Hmm, that is something I never really considered before. I guess I like him just fine. I don't see why people would have such a strong dislike for him. He doesn't want to grow up, but that is his character and because he doesn't grow up he lives perpetually as a child and cannot experience the fullness of adulthood. For me it is more depressing than anything. He denies himself that maturity, wisdom, and wonder that comes with growing and that is really, really sad. Children come and go into his world, and he will always be alone because he refuses to leave the world of childhood behind him. Poor kid. So no, I don't dislike him. I think he is what he is.

  6. Yes, I agree. It is so sad. It always makes me get the feeling of "if ONLY."

  7. I knew you were probably cool when I saw your blog name, but to then see that you likewise love Peter Pan? You rock! :)

    As much as my many Disney products attest to my love of Tinker Bell, I always rooted for Wendy and Peter Pan to get together. I thought the story was terribly romantic, and when I saw this movie, and read the book? Oh, I was hooked. ^_^

    Honestly, I hardly like the Disney version anymore, because I love this movie, and is a much better adaptation of the book (which is amazing!) Disney's version missed out on much of Peter's charm and charisma (making him more immature and annoying, in my opinion), particularly his unfailing chivalry. That's one of his most attractive qualities, if you ask me, and you hardly see that in the Disney version at all. He's less colorful. In the 2003 movie, you get to see the cruel, heartless part of him (which is essentially a part of all children, according to J. M. Barrie) and I like that, too. It's part of what makes him so well rounded out. Yes, he's charming and awesome and can fly, but he's kind of emotionally stunted.

    Wendy was misrepresented as well, though not as much. In the 2003, real person production, she's more like her original character.

    The kiss was awkward, but I was glad they put it in. It was cute and it was nice to see some of Peter and Wendy's romantic tension built up even more. It's more romantic than the book, though their relationship is surprisingly similar, the scene in which she announces they're going back to London, for instance, is very much the same. Some lines are direct quotes.

    The "Mother and Father are fighting again" was one of my favorite parts, both the funny part and the sad part that came afterward. And I love the dance. The part where Peter hisses at the mermaid when she tries to drown Wendy is great, too. I love it.

    I'd also agree that Peter is arrogant and immature, and sometimes quite unforgiving, but I love him anyway. I actually find his arrogance quite charming. :)

    As for Wendy, I related to her very much, and though she got on my nerves sometimes, too, overall I adored her. I firmly believe that if anyone could have convinced Peter to stay in the mortal world, it would have been her. Not her daughters or anyone else and not because I think she's great, but because he did. She was the first girl--first Person--that he persuaded to come to Never-Neverland with him. And though he has an awful memory, he remembered her, even when she was still grown. There's a deleted scene that expands on that and is basically taken right out of the book. You might know what I'm talking about. I love that scene. It's so sad, but so sweet, too. He remembered her.

    I could easily go on and on about Peter Pan, the book and the movies, but I think I've prattled enough. lol. But feel free to reply or send me an e-mail or something if you want to chat about it. I just love talking about Peter Pan. lol.

    Have an awesome day!

  8. i first saw this movie when it was in theatres and i loved it. (i was like 12 when it came out..)
    peter pan was such a cutie...and i seriously had a crush on him for like a year after that.
    i later watched it again when it came out on dvd and watched the behind the scenes. it changed my life.
    ever since then i decided that i wanted to act... and i am.
    i watched it again a couple months ago and...its funny how a silly little movie like this one...where it wasnt exactly well made, the actors werent wonderful, and the story line was messed up... to totally change my life. funny how God works. :)

  9. That is totally my favorite quote, too! :)

  10. I was depressed for a week after I saw it... I have a romantic perk too so I like balled my eyes out after because wendy and peter couldn't stay together :'( I know they are only 12 and that is weird, but still... (cry) I will never watch it again!! I mea I got SO depressed!!! Crazy...

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