Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm Back

[I am posting this photo because it is one of the few pictures that I took at camp, and I think it is kinda cool, and it is of a really awesome person I hung out with.]


Our church family camp was awesome.
I am tired.

Things that I did:

Hung out with an awesome person (see above) who I rarely see because she lives in California. (What is up with that, anyway?)
Hung out with other super awesome people.
Played putt-putt golf.
Ate. Much.
Stayed up super late every night.
Did not play tag. *weep*
Watched, and did not participate in, many sporting events. :-)
Laughed inordinately.
Got wet in the ocean... had severe wardrobe malfunctions as a result.
Got a cold.
Drank tea.

Got sunburnt.
which turned into a tan.
and now I have a very brown nose.


  1. What IS up with that? I mean, seriously...

  2. aww, I had an awesome time hanging out with you, too! :)

    and tell Bethany it is an amazing picture. :P

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