Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beach = good, Shopping = good, too

We are back from the beach. It was great. The weather was spectacular.

This is my humorous sis. I love this look.

This is my sis and I working. Notice my adorable Alice in Wonderland leggings. :-) They have hearts on them, in case you couldn't tell. Bought them at Claire's.

We went to the outlets... and I bought many baby clothes. I would have bought the whole store, and had about 90% of it in my arms, but then my sister came and tore over half of it away from my clutching grasp, and I had to content myself with...less. Remember this? I bought it. Now I can die fulfilled and content.

Oh, and by the way, we went to mall last week and I got some awesome stuff. We went to Charlotte Russe, which I have never been in, and I loved it. And bought an absolutely delicious drapey cardigan thing.


  1. I LOVE that monkey romper and all the Carter's monkey things. It actually makes me excited about dressing a boy some day. :-)

  2. I liked your heart leggings! You seemed to be having fun with them.


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