Thursday, March 22, 2012


I woke up with a cold yesterday. Therefore, I ate graham crackers, wore noisy pants, read for over four hours, and blew my nose often. A good day, actually.

  • The weather has been absurd (of course). There was a beautiful week, and ever since, torrential rain with snow every once in awhile for variety. Sheesh.

  • I read The Hunger Games finally, and liked it/had mixed thoughts. Excited to see what they do with the movie. Also: Liam Hemsworth. ♥

  • I went and saw "Act of Valor" (and wept). it was intense and deserved the R-rating (violence and language), but wow. it was incredible.

  • I'm in love with chocolate pudding.

  • I can't even believe how much I love Starbucks. And not just because it tastes amazing and there is always beautiful whipped cream. ;) I've spent a lot of time reading/writing/blogging in them lately and it's seriously the best thing--earbuds in (to drown out the women gossipping), peppy Spanish music on, and then coming home with hair that smells like coffee.

  • Youngest-niece Victoria is just getting even whackier and more awesome. 

  • I finally found a shirt that goes with my scarf my mama bought me in Poland. :) Incidentally, the shirt has an anchor on it. Major love. 

  • My sister Bethany got glasses. Also, a haircut. She has been destined to have glasses for her whole life, what with her book-nerd/hipster/very wise tendencies.

  • I went to spend a weekend with Hadley and Kerilynn, complete with much food, shopping, and deep late night talks.

  • FROZEN YOGURT. the end.

  • I fought it, I did. I mean, I'm not even into British boys or saggy pants or preppy sweaters or unfortunate haircuts, but I can't stop listening to this. and this.

  • Our trees are late-bloomers (literally) but most everywhere else, my beloved cherry trees are blossoming which makes me so ridiculously happy.

  • Calvin is still cute. ♥

(notice all the pudding)

Friday, March 16, 2012

some life words right now.

just some words that I love and aspire to.

all via my word love board.