Thursday, March 22, 2012


I woke up with a cold yesterday. Therefore, I ate graham crackers, wore noisy pants, read for over four hours, and blew my nose often. A good day, actually.

  • The weather has been absurd (of course). There was a beautiful week, and ever since, torrential rain with snow every once in awhile for variety. Sheesh.

  • I read The Hunger Games finally, and liked it/had mixed thoughts. Excited to see what they do with the movie. Also: Liam Hemsworth. ♥

  • I went and saw "Act of Valor" (and wept). it was intense and deserved the R-rating (violence and language), but wow. it was incredible.

  • I'm in love with chocolate pudding.

  • I can't even believe how much I love Starbucks. And not just because it tastes amazing and there is always beautiful whipped cream. ;) I've spent a lot of time reading/writing/blogging in them lately and it's seriously the best thing--earbuds in (to drown out the women gossipping), peppy Spanish music on, and then coming home with hair that smells like coffee.

  • Youngest-niece Victoria is just getting even whackier and more awesome. 

  • I finally found a shirt that goes with my scarf my mama bought me in Poland. :) Incidentally, the shirt has an anchor on it. Major love. 

  • My sister Bethany got glasses. Also, a haircut. She has been destined to have glasses for her whole life, what with her book-nerd/hipster/very wise tendencies.

  • I went to spend a weekend with Hadley and Kerilynn, complete with much food, shopping, and deep late night talks.

  • FROZEN YOGURT. the end.

  • I fought it, I did. I mean, I'm not even into British boys or saggy pants or preppy sweaters or unfortunate haircuts, but I can't stop listening to this. and this.

  • Our trees are late-bloomers (literally) but most everywhere else, my beloved cherry trees are blossoming which makes me so ridiculously happy.

  • Calvin is still cute. ♥

(notice all the pudding)


  1. Oh, wow. Can I just say how amazingly astonishingly beautiful your posts are? They always make me smile :)

  2. these are fantastic pictures!!! all of them!! (:

  3. I agree with Skye. And also, your landscape photos made my jaw drop to the floor. slight exaggeration And, your food photography has me swooning. STOP posting food photos okay? -okay You make me crazy-hungry ever time I read your posts. Just kidding. Keep the dessert photos coming! You inspire me. Enough of the rambles, right? Right.


  4. I love pudding a lot right now and cheesecake Rita's

  5. I love the pictures and all the colors in them :)

    ps. my youngest brother has the same Star Wars poster that is in one of the pictures :)

  6. I'm not sure what it is, but awkward weather, good books and preppy English boys in funky sweaters find me too... :)

  7. hope you're feeling better!
    amen with the whole british boys, saggy pants thing. we get heaps of that over here in lovely old england, as you would expect. joy.
    oh, by the way? you are beautiful. the end.

  8. ditto skye and acacia. but liam hemsworth/gale? blech. i'm a peeta gal, sorry. ;)
    -jocee <3

    1. I do like Peeta... but so far (only having read the first book) I love Gale, plus the fact that Liam Hemsworth (who I already liked) is playing him in the movie... I'm afraid I'm destined to like him more. ;) But I generally go for the hopeless one in the love triangle, so yeah.

    2. Once you reach the end of the series, you will pretty much fall in love with Peeta. Gale is still wonderful in the first one, but he pretty much just makes me sad the more it goes on...

    3. Totally. He is really nice in the first one, but he just can't compare to Peeta and gets really bitter as the series goes on.

  9. Honestly, I've just recently heard of One Direction. I did like the acoustic song, as well as the other one. but when/if people sound good live/acoustic, that really sells me. I'm not sure if I'm a fan yet though haha :)

    lovely pictures and post!

  10. wow. i don't know what to say. i kept thinking of things to comment, but i lost them all in the awesomeness that was/is this post. how about i just give you some applause?

    seriously clapping,
    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  11. Beautiful post!
    I saw Act of Valor too--it was really good. But intense and violent.

  12. Gorgeous pictures!! Oh and that scarf.... I want one;)

  13. Ahhh! Those posters are amazing :D

  14. Love it!!

    p.s. I know what you mean about One Direction, AH! Love those songs too =)

  15. I hadn't heard that version of "One Thing" ... but now that I HAVE......... ;) I happen to love British accents though.

    And Hunger Games (I <3 Peeta, but I definitely agree about Liam), and cherry blossoms. Looks like you've been having a pretty great life so far!

    Liz B

  16. Wow! The forth and fifth pictures are amazing. I like them!!! Great job taking them.

  17. I have way too many things to say about this post so I'm just gonna say I'm in love with it. That'll do right?

  18. I'm always so happy when I see a post of yours. Gorgeous photos, spectacular words! You have an amazing life.

  19. One Direction :) I love this post, like a lot.

  20. Your posts always make me smile! Thanks!

    And Bethany looks awesome in those glasses. The thick rim suits her personality to a T - love it!

  21. Hi, new follower here! I must say your ability to capture shots with your camera is remarkable! I am so impressed and envious with the clarity. Fabulous!

  22. Hello

    I hope to visit my blog

  23. Such amazing pics! Glad to see you have had some pretty good days- sorry to hear about the cold though.

  24. You're awesome <3 and always will be...

  25. I tagged you for the versatile blogger award. Go to The Pink Dancer (my blog) for more info. I LOVE One Direction too.

  26. Hey! Just found your blog and decided to follow right away. I love cherry trees! We just got some and the buds are awesome to take pictures of!!
    Oh, and I have read all the hunger games books, and I am still on team Gale. I have finally found someone with me on that matter. =D
    Have a great day!


  27. I LOVE cherry blossoms! Shame they don't have them down in here in Florida :( I love your photos! They are so lovely!


  28. I loved looking through your blog!
    Check mine out and follow me? :)

  29. Ohmigoodness -- these photos are so full of color, life (Echo with Sylvie above), and happiness! Your niece + the little girl...super precious. And I you totally rock the scarf.

    Beautiful work, sweet friend!

    P.S. What lenses do you use? Golly, your work is sososo beautiful. :)

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