Friday, March 9, 2012

face study

I'm usually the one pushing my camera in peoples' faces and trying to get them to smile. The other day,  we went and had our pictures taken by Peter, in his fabulous garage studio. I gotta say--I feel a lot better when I'm the one on the other side of the camera, but Peter is a genius with getting people to open up and look natural. 

When I photograph people I know, I tend to go with "smile. um. not like that. ew, you look really cheesy. SMILE. okay that's better. MY WORD NO. put your chin down. put your chin down. put your dang chin down!

Peter's photos are stunning, plus he is awesome at this part of it, too. He just finished this Face Study Project--studio-taken, up-close-and-personal, stunning portraits, exploring how people open up and respond and show their real side instead of pasting on the cheesy camera smile. 

He photographed all different kinds of people, and put together some beautiful video, too. Go, and be amazed. I love how he has the whole National Geographic soulful, mind-blowing eyes thing going on in several of them.

my brother Benjamin. um, he is beautiful.

And the amount of genuine-honest-to-goodness smiles is just amazing. Looking at all of them all made me so happy. There's pretty much nothing better than a honest, up-close black-and-white portrait. And apparently Peter is the god of honest, up-close black-and-white portraits. :)

and his wife. holy cow.
Anyways. Check out his posts--be inspired to greatness and awed by some of the smorgasbord of beautiful, quirky, unique, hilarious people that God saw fit to throw into the world.


  1. ahh these are SO amazing!! They're so clear and honest. Love it!
    PS. You're so beautiful! =)

  2. Wow, beautiful pictures! The lighting is perfect. It brings the attention to the eyes (the window to the soul ;) so it really does make the pictures seem really personal, as opposed to just grinning in front of a camera. :)

    Nice post! :)

  3. These are gorgeous on so many levels. And you, my friend? Wowie, you are so beautiful! I know I have said this before, but you remind me so much of Hailee Steinfeld. No, really.

  4. These- and you are absolutely stunning! Wow!

  5. I died laughing about the getting-the-people-you-photograph-to-smile part.
    Totally true! And when I'm being photographed--I feel totally retarded.

  6. Gorgeous photos, Polka Dot - no matter if you don't like to be the one in "front of" the camera, your shots turned out lovely. =)

  7. Love them. Especially the 1st two. You have gorge eyes! Great pics:)

  8. These pics are fabulous! May I please say that you have extraordinary eyes?

    By the way, I just posted a fun giveaway on my blog if you wish to check it out. =)

  9. ahhhh. AHHHH. your dark hair + light eyes combo is killer. and watching that little are just adorable.
    anyhoo, this is super duper cool. (:

  10. Your eye color is pretty much amazing ;)

  11. Someday you'll be this good.

  12. those are stunning!! and you, sweet lady are the prettiest.


  13. Oh, y'all are gorgeous!!!! Well, umm, except for your brother...he's handsome :)

  14. you are all beautiful! seriously, though, the first ones are my favorite.


  15. lovely! You look so pretty, excellent pictures all around!

  16. amazing pictures! you have such beautiful eyes!


  17. stunning photos! i love everything about the last one particularly.

  18. Wow, those pics are awesome ! Pure talent !

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  19. It is understandable about being more comfortable behind the camera. I used to be into photography until I could no longer focus through the camera. I liked black and whites for their old fashion feel. You are a pretty subject and so were the other people.
    Mrs. J.

  20. Wow, these are amazing. Totally agree with you about freezing up for photos. Most photographers just make you feel nervous and not really yourself. However for the past few years a friend has been doing our pictures for us and she is just amazing at getting you to interact and be yourself -invaluable in a photographer.


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