Monday, September 27, 2010

"Robin Hood"

Okay. This movie.
On Saturday night I had my friend Beka over, and my whole family watched it. I was kind of feeling "bleh" about watching it, because I had heard that it wasn't that great, I didn't really want to watch a movie, and Beka wasn't terribly excited about watching it, because she has a huge grudge against Russell Crowe.
And although I used to love him, 
I was like, "eh, Russell Crowe, I'm so over him, he's kinda old and overweight."

Well, I thought the movie was amazing, and we watched it again on Sunday night. ;-)

And by the end of the movie Beka and I were hugging each other 
and repenting of our lack of faith in Russell Crowe.

I have seen him in A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, Master and Commander, 3:10 to Yuma, and, most recently, Gladiator (on ClearPlay!). And I liked him in all of the movies, but Gladiator bugged me, so I was just sort of not really into Russell Crowe anymore.
But I LOVED him in this movie. He was awesome, he was funny, he was a little arrogant, in a totally inoffensive way (Robin Hood has to be a little arrogant!) he was inspirational, he was a great leader, 
and his VOICE, people!! I love it so, so much.

White horse. YES.

Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett were great together, and this scene... oh my word.
Major sighing ensued from the viewers. Except for Benjamin... I'm pretty sure he didn't sigh...

I thought the cast was great. Oscar Isaac was Prince John (who became King John after Richard dies).
I had a hard time hating him, because he acts as Joseph in The Nativity Story, and I love him in that.
He was a jerk. But a handsome jerk.

Eileen Atkins as Eleanor of Aquitaine, King Richard and Prince John's mother.
She was amazing. I loved her as Deborah in Cranford, and she had a similar personality in this movie.
And there was a scene where she was holding this owl, which I wanted to cuddle so bad.

Mark Strong as Godfrey.
A slimy, slimy man with a shiny bald head.
What is with this actor?? 
He has been in SO many new movies lately, always playing the most horrific bad dude.
Of course I first saw him in the Kate Beckinsale Emma, years and years ago (hated him), and then in the last six months, have seen him in Stardust (didn't like that movie), Miss Pettigrew Lives for  Day, Sherlock Holmes, The Young Victoria, and now this movie.

Anyways, he makes a superb villain, and there was much loud rejoicing when he finally DIED.

Matthew Macfayden as the Sheriff of Nottingham. 
I thought he looked good with facial hair, but... the long hair didn't do anything for me.
He is Mr. Darcy in the new P&P, and Arthur Clenham in Little Dorritt, and I liked him in those, 
but he played a creepy loser pretty well, too.

Cate Blanchett as Lady Marion. I can't say I'm a big fan of hers, but I thought she played the part well, and  although I don't think she's terribly pretty, I think her kind of beauty fit the era really well. 
Some of her hairstyles and dresses were so horrifically unflattering, though. X-(

I loved Will Scarlet.

Doesn't Cate Blanchett totally look like a woman from medieval painting in this picture?
And isn't his collar amazing??

The costumes and sets were incredible. 

It is pretty violent, but not gory at all. The battles were epic. 
There was some awkward dialog, and a scene that was easy to skip.

Having said that, I recommend it!
Have you seen it? What did you think? Am I the only one who loves it?


  1. I LOVED this movie, and never, ever expected to do so. My review is here: - I need to get this on DVD at the earliest possible moment. So, so good. Glad you loved it too!

  2. I haven't seen it, and wasn't really planning on it. But now I'm curious. :)

    And I have a huge crush on Matthew Macfayden, but that picture does not impress me. Ew.

  3. I liked this movie a lot- it's not my favored favorite, but I am infatuated with the whole legend of Robin Hood, so if course I am a fan :) The settings and costumes and HORSES were terrific! And I totally agree with you about Crowe's voice!

  4. I LOVED it. I want to watch it again ASAP.
    I loved your review, too. :-)
    That's so weird, though...I didn't even recognize the Prince John actor as being the fellow who plays Joseph. He looked WAY better as Joseph. :-)

  5. Repenting for your lack of faith... so funny. I loved it too, it was so beautiful :)

  6. I was totally expecting to hate this movie but it took my breath away from the very first scene. UNTIL that stupid battle scene at the end, that is. If it had just ended after the attack on Nottingham I would have given it 5 stars. Oh yeah, and then there was all that stupid revolutionary mumbo jumbo about the Magna Carta. That was ridiculous and SO un-British. But Maid Marion and Robin Hood made up for it.

    What did you think of the end credits? I thought the bold, imprecise brushstrokes and colors perfectly fit the feel of the times.

  7. I wanted to see this, and it sounds great, but I heard it had some communist/socalist themes that contridicted its christian themes, and it had some white guilt things in it.
    Did those pop out at you, or were they not very recognizable?
    (basically did it take down the rating of the film in your mind?)

  8. I wanted to see this, and it sounds great, but I heard it had some communist/socalist themes that contridicted its christian themes, and it had some white guilt things in it.
    Did those pop out at you, or were they not very recognizable?
    (basically did it take down the rating of the film in your mind?)

  9. I liked it.

    (I thought it was pretty gory though...)

    Marion was over the top at times, but I thought Robin Hood was portrayed as an awesome, honest, upstanding dude. An amazing leader. Loved that.

    When we watched it the second time with the extended version, I liked it a lot better. The movie worked as a whole better. Before I didn't like its confusing, cohesiveness feel.

  10. Dude I am so jealous! Are you saying since I didn't see the extended version I'm missing something? Should I rent it again?

  11. It's next in my netflix line up. :)

  12. Oh, I want to watch this!

    I din't really at first since it had Russell Crowe...I didn't think he would make a good Robin Hood. But now, maybe I'll reconsider. :)

  13. I love all Robin Hood movies.... always a favorite story line! :) Russell Crowe is a very good actor, one of my favorites!! :)

  14. I super duper loved this movie! I was actually surprised by how much I loved it. ;) It's one I'll probably buy.
    Cute blog! :-)


  15. I'm totally encouraged by this post because that line, "I was like, "eh, Russell Crowe, I'm so over him, he's kinda old and overweight."
    Was pretty much what I was thinking, HA!
    Guess I'll give the movie a chance.
    And Matthew Macfayden, holy cow...did NOT recognize him so I'm glad there was a caption.

  16. That was SUCH a great movie. A nice new twist on an old story. All the acting was top notch as well :)

  17. Last night I was watching a History Channel program about Robin Hood (because I'm reading Tuck by Stephen R. Lawhead and it just seemed fitting) and they used quite a few clips from this movie and now I totally want to see it! What am I procrastinating for?

    Anyway, I couldn't really tell who the bald bad dude was, but in the video clips I saw I was like oh THAT guy! My friend and I were watching Miss Pettigrew and were having that *exact* same conversation of what is with this guy playing a slime? Typecast much?

  18. You didn't like Gladiator?! I really liked that movie! Btw thanks for doing this review I have been trying to decide whether to watch it or not.


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