Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gregory Peck

Okay, if you're not a fan of Gregory Peck, just stop here.

I AM a fan. ;-)
I have only seen him in two and a half movies-- Roman Holiday (love, love, love that movie), To Kill a Mockingbird (good movie!), and the beginning of a movie called The Big Country. Unfortunately, the other guy who was going after the girl in that movie was Charlton Heston, who was a COWBOY. 
So... Gregory Peck kinda faded into the background for me.

I love his hair.

Was it just me, though, or were his glasses in To Kill a Mockingbird just a tad disturbing?

He has a really good chin. Which I appreciate, because so many guys don't. 
(see Matthew Good in Leap Year, and Aaron Eckhart *shudder*, to name a couple.)


  1. LOVE Him in Roman Holiday!
    Charlton Heston? As a cowboy??? Dude, I need to see that movie.

  2. First off I have never seen him in anything, and i don't think he's all that remarkable looking... SECONDLY I happen to LIKE Matthew Good &Aaron Erckharts Chins!!! >:(

  3. Gregory Peck just might be my favorite guy actor ever. I just love his class and his gentle yet manly disposition. I love his voice and his accent. I love how he plays a tender father in "Mockingbird". But my all time favorite role of his is Captain Hornblower in the 1951 version of that movie. Hornblower + Gregory Peck = very happy me!

  4. I absolutely LOVE Gregory Peck! You need to check out The World in His Arms - that's one of my favorite Peck films.

  5. Gregory Peck is such a hunk. His voice is gorgeous.

    I love that third picture down...*swoon*. I actually haven't seen him in many movies yet, either, but what I've seen I've loved.


  6. Oh wow, Gregory Peck is so perfect - I almost choked on my coffee when that first picture loaded on your blog! *happy sigh*

  7. I know you're posting this just to rub it in my face!!! :D *haha* I forgive you, though ;) I never said I hated him or anything...just that...I prefer others above him :D *haha* I actually have an uncle who looks REMARKABLY like him!! I mean, they could pass for twins (not identical, though :P :D )
    Anyway...I like these pics of least the first few. ;)
    Have you seen the movies I let you borrow yet? Can't wait to talk about them next week!!! ;) *hehe*


  8. Mmm. Yes,He does have a good chin.

  9. Lol! We gals like a good chin! I married a man with a cleft... I believe it was a requirement for me. I kid :)

  10. I agree with Kristen - third picture down...major swoon :-)
    Roman Holiday is definately one of my top 10 favorite movies. But I've never seen "To Kill A Mockingbird."

  11. He's cool. Isn't he in the Pollyanna movie with Hayley Mills???? And I personally love Charlton Heston. He's in the "Ten Commandments" movie, as Moses. Ohmygoodness, that movie is a must-see!!!! <3

  12. If you're looking for more good Gregory Peck movies, Twelve O'clock High is a really good one.

    By the way, he is NOT in Pollyanna.


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