Saturday, September 11, 2010

Annual Labor Day beach trip and shopping spree (!!)

This past weekend, the ladies of our family, including my two nieces and sister-in-law, went on our annual Labor Day outlet shopping beach trip.
(this is gonna be a long post just so ya know...)

It starts out with bashing around the outlet mall, going to stores such as Van Heusen, Coldwater Creek, Claire's, Old Navy (everything was 40% off!), Bath and Body Works, and then Carter's... 
...where everyone spends the last of their money. ;-)
My loot is pictured above. Plus Johanna, my pregnant sis. ;-)

I had incredible self-control this year, however, and only bought one baby outfit for myself. 
How could I resist this color of green PLUS camo PLUS monkeys??

Bethany's loot. She didn't spend as much as me...

Close-up of her gorgeous coral cardigan. I got this in dark grey, and Mama got it in teal.

Mama's loot.

My sister-in-law Katelyn's loot. :-)

And finally... Johanna's loot. Notice the high percentage of baby clothes?

We stayed in a super-nice condominium right on the beach. Looking out the window from most angles made it feel like you were on a cruise ship out on the water.

Forgive these many food pictures... but the food was scrumptious!

The love of my life.

We ended up eating a lot of baby Katie's animal crackers.

Amazing Mexican omelette.

The love of my life Part 2.

Hot chocolate with whip-cream from a can. Yes.

I took this through the window during breakfast.

This was an awesome TV. It had amazing color and it was widescreen and HD maybe? I'm not terribly knowledgeable about the whole TV arena. Anyways, it was a sight better than our TV, and it made every shot in a movie look like a stunning photograph. I loved it.

Miss Ruby, sporting her brand new polka-dot onesie from Carter's. 

Serious Katie.

Katie high-fiving Bethany. Or Aunt Boppy, which is Katie's current name of choice for her.


  1. It looks like you ladies had a wonderful time! Nice pictures....especially the food! ;)

  2. Wow, the pictures you took of the ocean are STUNNING! And I love the coral cardigan :)

  3. Looks like lots much fun!
    You found some lovely clothes- that pink cardigan is so pretty!

  4. Nice! I love that last picture especially!

  5. Hey, I would really like you to write a post of explanation when it comes to the baby clothes. ;-)

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