Monday, January 30, 2012


these are my eight moleskine notebooks. I am officially addicted.

this is my art journal. unlined, heavy paper that can sort of handle watercolor and permanent marker.

this is my pocket-sized red planner. I got it for Christmas, but it starts in June of last year, so it has all this annoying/tantalizing empty space in the beginning...

therefore: song lyrics.

this is my red volant notebook, for my one-thousand-gifts-listing.

this is my black cahier lined notebook, for Bible study, sermon notes, etc.

this is my 2012 goals/month lists/relevant quotes/book lists notebook (also a cahier lined journal).

this is my prayer-journal, inspired by The HelpAibileen talks about how she writes her prayers out, and I was like--I should try that. so I did, and it works way better for me. you know how praying can turn into daydreaming/worrying/getting sidetracked in general? this helps me be consistent and focused, and remember to pray for the people I've committed to pray for.

this is my comfily-battered pocket-size notebook for pasting pretty or sentimental things.

and this is my pocket-size, everything-I-want-to-remember-for-eventually notebook. it's for brilliant pinterest ideas, hot mama contracts, courtship behavior contracts... stuff like that. :)

anyways. yes. I do love my moleskines. :) and I can already think of a good use for two more...

also: my friend Beka gave me socks with hearts and red bows. it's amazing how wearing a cute, mildly un-matching outfit can make my day so much better. even if I kind of just want to ooze around in fuzzy pajamas all day long. once I change and throw my hair into a ponytail and put on rumberry lotion (Hadley! ♥), I am ready to conquer the world.

any recent addictions? pick-me-ups? things that help you conquer the world? 

Monday, January 23, 2012


I've been sick all week again. I guess I couldn't get away with the lack of sleep and the spazzing out in the snow without shoes or coat.

in the middle of a week of snow, rain, and more rain, we had a day that was absolutely stunning. I dragged myself out of the house where it is safe and warm and there are emotional music videos to watch, and actually took some outdoor pictures.

it's not 'til you get all excited about macro and bokeh that you notice that the trees do, after all, plan on being beautiful this spring--buds already!

I really can't complain about anything when there's a January sky this blue.

and today was a good monday. again. ate salad, ate muffins, ranted about things with soul-people.

...and I'm having inexplicable major nostalgia for country music, amidst my irrationally-eclectic music loving. and I may or may not have rewatched pretty much every single Taylor Swift music video (except the ones I hate) yet again.

this week, I have lots of books to read and people to hug and moleskines to write in and chocolate muffins to eat. should be good. :)

verse for 2012:
 (notice the completely incidental twelves?)

rejoice in hope, 
be patient in tribulation, 
be constant in prayer.
romans 12:12

Monday, January 16, 2012

first snow.

good weekend. good monday, even. a very good monday. this winter's first vigorous snowfall and chocolate cake turned me into a crazy person. I cleaned, I read, I wrote, I opened my window so I could hear and smell the snow falling.

niece Katie, in awe of the snow.

I ran around the house screaming, and later, I actually did some journalling catch-up. which ended up with me getting all weepy while writing about Benjamin's wedding.

just kind of an emotional day I guess...

I'm replaying this, loving this, thankful for this, believing this, aspiring to this, and eating chocolate all day long.

I love snow very, very much.
and--2012? so far, so beautiful.