Thursday, January 5, 2012


Being sick kinda sets a damper on the "YES. I WILL CONQUER EVERYTHING" feeling at the beginning of the year.

Mostly, I've been writing furiously in moleskines at random, watching movies, drinking tea, and clutching my new panda pillow pet. ♥ (I have been pining for a pillow pet ever since they came out. And I feel like pillow pets were born to be pandas). 

But today, I'm finally kicking this bug enough that I am definitely starting to get into the "CONQUER THE WORLD" mood. :)

I found out that my moleskine planner has stickers. Which is going to make 2012 way awesome.

 I finally got the five-year journal--it has a question a day, and five different spots for your answer, for five different years. Super cool, since you can catch up easily if you get behind, it only takes a couple minutes a day, and you'll be able to see how your answers have changed.

awesome song for the beginning of the new year: Start Over. 

there's so much, so much left to gain,
there's so much, so much to lose,
you'll never know until you make a move.

It's easy to just get caught in a rut, and we shouldn't be afraid to step out and make some changes. It's not pointless, it's not hopeless, it's not silly. Any day is a perfect day to start over.

I put together a quick video of the partyings over the weekend. Foosball, games, Tarzan, and on my part, occasional curling up incoherently with my pillow pet. Not fun to be sick during a party. Plus, my voice was gone for pretty much the whole time, which is very inconvenient in a group of people in which yelling is pretty much the communication style of choice. ;)

some random instagrams from the holidays with my terrible iphone camera:


  1. Oh my...I agree that being sick isn't a fun way to start the year. I got a cold/fever on January first :S Hope you feel better soon. (Hot chocolate helps!) That five year journal is very cool :)

  2. what a beautiful post! and i'm going to have to write that verse about waiting for God in my own diary. so thankyou. :)
    amazing picture's, even on an iPhone they're pretty sweet! and i hope you're feeling better!

    say, tea is one of the things in my novel, but i've never even tried it... i will get there, but i was wondering... what kinds of tea do you like? i love the thought of it; it's so.. English!

  3. You got a panda pillow pet? You, lucky duck, you :) I actually have a penguin one, its funny that everyone I know teases me for it, but when they spend the night, they're always wanting to borrow it.
    Your photogrpahy skills are to die for. Just saying <3

  4. i LOVE this post!! and i getcha.. im sick too :P

  5. Moleskine notebooks are the best. I can't explain why- they just are.

    Also, that Q&A five year journal is lovely. I thought about getting one but decided against it because of my other journal. :)

    I love the row of Disney VHS tapes! :)


  6. that five year planner looks so cool. seriously. i want one. :))
    -jocee <3

  7. 1. My little sister got this pillow pet/blanket set thing for Christmas, and it's like my favorite thing EVER. And it's not mine. :-( It is so stinking soft and awesome.
    2. Your handwriting is really neat.
    3. My new years resolution: Break the Rules. :)

  8. Lovely!! This post made me grin! I'm not feeling so "Conquer the World" but I *did* get a microwavable giraffe for Christmas that smells like lavender, so I suppose anything is possible.
    Get well soon, love!

  9. I have a panda pillow pet too!!! :D Twins!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Oh, I got a pillow pet for my birthday several months ago. She is a ladybug and her name is Georgia. <3
    Wonderful post, by the way. I love your photos!


  11. <3 That video is the best thing ever, just sayin'.

  12. That journal is awesome! I love it! :) I was sick too this week... SO not a good way to start a new year. Hope you feel better soon!!!

  13. Oh my goodness.... Now I'm so wanting a pillow pet and a new journal.

  14. I must get my hands on one of those five-year journals! Those lights are so pretty, and I love the picture of the globe :) Glad you're feeling better!


  15. Oh, yes, I've been sick for the first week of January (the same week my birthday's in) more years than I remember. And by the way, I think your iPhone pictures look really good. :D


  16. awww...your writing is so cute! looks like you had an amazing holiday season. hope you feel better, girlie!

  17. Aaagh, I love this! Your photos are just stunning, as usual!

  18. I hope you feel better soon! It's no fun to be sick. I really like your photos!

  19. sweet blog keep up the good work love your blog please follow me!!!

  20. You have a fabulous blog with amazing photography! BTW, what's your Instagram username? Have a lovely day!:):)

  21. Sickness = ew. I had a little stomach bug over the weekend and was like "OHHH Jesus this is the worst week ever for me to get sick, no please!" What with the play coming up and all. That 5-year journal looks awesome! I'm doing something similar, but instead of answering questions I'm recording one thing I did that day and three things I'm grateful for. We'll see how long my motivation lasts. ;)
    Loved your video, though I was hoping to see you in it a lil bit more. (: The photo at 1:30 cracked me up, haha! Also, Auld Lang Syne. ♥
    Tarzan?! Oh you'll never believe it but a friend gave me the classic Disney Tarzan for Christmas!!! I've never seen it & still haven't watched it, but I can't wait. I lovelovelove the music so much.
    Oh, and I adore all the bokeh.

  22. I also was in a little funk at the beginning of the year but I'm finally getting productive. I've been meaning to get a moleskin and hopefully will soon.

  23. Enjoyed your post! :-) I know you don't know but enjoy following your blog!! :-)

  24. hey polka dot!

    thank you so much for your sweet comment and following me on both blogger and pintrest. it really means a lot :)

    secondly, your goals for 2012 are extraordinary, and i commend you. my goals are:

    1. spend more time with Jesus
    2. make at least 3 new friends
    3. stay focused on the things that really matter

    p.s. you're handwriting is rad!

  25. It's safe to say that video and post made me happy..haha :) I love you guys XD :) And I miss youuu! :P :)

  26. I love your blog. Your family looks amazing, pandapillowpets ROCK, and Tarzan?! Girl, that sounds fantastic!

  27. video...too...funny!! ;D


  28. This looks like so much fun! I'm glad you had a good holiday! :)

  29. Have you ever thought of setting up a Flickr account? Perfect place for photographers! And I like the Instagram thingies.

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