Friday, March 15, 2013

happy day.

My been-friends-forever friend Juli got married last week. She was calm and gorgeous and abundantly happy. I got to be a bridesmaid and wear a sparkly dress and red high heels. (I love her.) A lot of my favorite people were in the wedding party, and there was even cloudless blue sky and strawberries. Basically, an amazing day getting to see Juli and her Scott start a brand-spanking-new life together. Weddings are glorious, guys.

And in between bridesmaid-ing, I got to take a bunch of pictures with a camera that is not my own and which I love ferociously. THANK YOU PETER.

(these group pictures taken by gorgeous sister-in-law)

I love my siblings. They are beautiful and they are nice. WIN.

My parents + all their grandchildren. Seven so far! 

The for-real photographer at work. The photos he took are seriously breathtaking. Gah.

It was a happy, happy day and now the first of the my-age friends are married and I THINK THAT MEANS WE'RE GROWING UP which is terrifying and exciting and also just a little bit of can-we-go-back-to-being-nine-years-old-and-running-around-outside-all-day-jumping-out-of-apple-trees??