Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Colin + Sara

I got to second-shoot another wedding... in July (yes I fail at life, but hey, my summer's been pretty wild). This time it was for a couple that I've known for basically forever, which made it much more exciting/terrifying.

I was assisting Peter again--be sure and check out his stunning photos!

Sara is beautiful, and her wedding was amazing to just be able to attend, let alone photograph. It was splendidly magazine-worthy.

The most visibly excited groom I've ever witnessed. ;) He was literally jumping up and down at the end of the aisle waiting for her.

This is her little brother, who invariably winks whenever he has an encounter with a camera.

snitched Peter's photo

The night ended with floating lanterns. FLOATING LANTERNS. I've been waiting my whole life for floating lanterns. And it was just like Tangled--we watched them go up until they tried to blend in with the stars. Not only the lanterns, but a spontaneous singing all together of the Doxology. It was too. much. Such an amazing day & amazing couple.