Thursday, September 29, 2011

my brother and his girl.

A couple weeks ago, on a day that was hot and beautiful, when I felt like death...

I took engagement pictures of my brother Benjamin and his girl, Rebekah.

At the end of the day, I figured everything I had taken was pure, unadulterated garbage. But since I take such an inappropriate number of pictures, some did turn out/make me happy/make me laugh. Do please politely overlook the hidden mounds of truly wretched photos that clog my picture folders. Much appreciated.

Taking pictures of two people instead of one = five times as hard. Don't do the math, just trust me. 

Especially when the two people are talking/laughing/flirting/snorting at each other. Weird faces galore. 

You know how sometimes you're taking pictures and you're so in the zone--you push everyone around, you're bursting with gorgeous pose ideas, you know exactly what you want, the light is perfect, you're in control, empowered, on fire. 

Yeah well. That never happens to me.

I do get in the zone sometimes. But only when there's really no reason to be taking pictures. Once "official photo shoot" is spoken, gut-wrenching disaster rears its ugly head.

But life goes on. Botched photo shoots and all.

At least I had one thing in my favor: awesome and attractive people. 

Several of the pictures, despite their drastic-impropriety-if-sent-in-a-wedding-invitation qualities, make me happy inside, just because they show what a pair of goofy and spectacular people I've got in my life.

Like I said: goofy.

Having gotten up at ungodly hour to (try to) catch the sunrise for the above photos, and aforementionedly feeling like death (not to be dramatic or whiney, which means I am, but don't judge me. it was pretty bad), I hung out at my friend Hadley's house all day, before meeting up with them again to catch the sunset light. Watching Step Up and eating donuts (no, it didn't help my stomach feel better but YES it made my soul feel better), and lazing around for hours was remarkably restoring.

Did I mention? He's getting married in a month and fourteen days. Leaving me alone to brave the cold, harsh world. Abandoning me emotionally. Turning our family into a paltry four instead of it's former glorious eight.

Naw, it's all good. Just don't judge me if I weep inordinately a little for a week or so.

Incidentally, they actually did end up sending out a few in their invitations. I think this was one of them.

Remember the laughing? yeah. ahem.

Me: "be serious! gosh! um. don't flare your nostrils bro."

Ben. Special talents include: being a total creeper.

And being a noble statue. With flared nostrils.

They really like each other. It's pretty cool. :)

If you want to know more about these people, you can check their engagement story, complete with lots of other pictures of them. :)

And the whole thing was completely validated for these pictures. If I hadn't gotten any others, I wouldn't be that upset--these make me very, very happy.

The brute and his girl.

Again: creeper.

Rebekah's turn to be creepy...

The hick girl. And her boy.