Thursday, September 8, 2011

the ocean is my only medication

We had a weekend at the beach, on our annual shopping-and-eating-and-baby-filled girls' getaway. Three new additions since last year--one new sister-in-law, and two more nieces.

The beach is therapeutic, the shopping is therapeutic, the babies are therapeutic (and deeply stressful at times...), the 2:30 am talks in the dark with my seriously crazed sisters,  playing on the hot beach with my fearless Katie, it's all fiercely medicinal. 

Sadly, these are not my shoes. They are Bethany's.

I was actually extraordinarily restrained this time. But we went to Carter's and I was the only one who bought any baby clothes... yes, I have a disorder.

Chocolate milk. Drink of the gods.

The little girls and I ate lots and lots of cocoa puffs.

I bought a polka-dot pencil and a panda eraser at Claires. My life? Complete.

I painted a princess dress for Katie. She gasped and then held it and stared at it and talked to herself about princesses and good guys. I love how easily kids are satisfied.

Victoria is so ridiculously happy, all the time. Except for when she's screaming. It's pretty much either/or.

Katie and Ruby love each other. :)

Laying in the sun on the beach, sunburning mildly and reading. YES. (picture by Katelyn)

My brother's wife Katelyn and baby Virginia.

Ruby is the munchkin of all munchkins.

Virginia was oh-so-responsible, holding the butterfly kite.

"Nana" and granddaughters, riding the dragon, on the way to the castle. ;)

My newest sister-in-law, Hannah.

Katie is growing up so. stinkin'. fast. She talks and talks. In the car: (playing with her hair dreamily): "I like good guys. They're so pretty!"

Bokeh sunset.

All of the guys were on The Epic Camping Trip. I think it's the longest Joseph and Hannah had been apart since before they started courting!

We were so glad Hannah came, even though she missed her man. :)

Katie loved the little dog (named Sparticus--epic) that two blond boys brought over.

Bethany's true self.

I love these people. These truth-or-dare in the middle of the night, really and truly sisters and sisters of my soul people.

Victoria is a big fan of sand. Even in her mouth.

I've got a deliciousness-saturated weekend ahead... providing that my lurking cold doesn't rear it's ugly head.

knee deep, by the Zac Brown band. On an inexplicable country kick lately...


  1. These photos are absolutely beautiful!

  2. Beautiful photos, friend...

    btw, I miss you :)

  3. Lovely photos, as usual! You must have had such a wonderful time with the ladies (and little girls) of your family. I love the way you draw! The princess dress you drew for Katie is so fairy tale-ish!

  4. Looks like your having lots of fun :)

  5. Beautiful photos!! I wish my little cousins would actually look at the camera for me. xD

  6. Fabulous photography, Pokla Dot! It looks like you had a fun time with your family. And, Jemimiah is right - cool drawing! =)

  7. stunning photos, love.

    you are missed here, but oh, what fun you are having there! <3

    also, that princess dress painting of yours is incredible. makes me wish i could draw worth anything.

  8. stunning work.. and what a celebration of womanhood.. from the youngest to the oldest.

  9. Your drawing is great, I can see why she was so entranced :)

  10. That looks really fun! I never been to the ocean but I REALLY would like to!

  11. Your family is precious, and your photos of them are lovely. It looks like you had an awesome time!

    Ohh, and you're pretty good at that whole sketching/painting of lovely dresses thing.

    A lurking cold has been bothering me too [weird...;P]. Praying it gets better!

    You're making me crave chocolate milk. Heaven <3

  12. Aww...looks like an awesome weekend. Victoria (and all the little girls, for that matter) are sooo adorable. Hey, my little sister has the same rose outfit that Victoria's wearing in the last picture (of her).

    I can soo relate to the baby-clothes-buying-sickness. I spend more on baby clothes then I do on my own wardrobe. Ha! The joys of being a big sissy. :) There are just so many stinkin' cute things! And Carter's...LOVE their stuff. It's all so soft and pretty.


    p.s. I sent an email to your earlier this week about guest posting...just wondering if it came through because our power went out right after I pressed send. :)

  13. This looks like a super fun weekend complete with lots of adorable people! :) I love the bokeh sunset.

  14. beautiful photos & beautiful kids! love the bokeh sunset :)

  15. This is the first time I've visited your blog and I have to say its awesome :) Your photography is beautiful and you have all my favorite fashion quotes along the sidebar!!! It was like see old friends lol.

    Ok I am now a follower ;)

  16. Looooooooove the photos. Looks like a fun time!!

  17. Oops. I hit a wrong button. It didn't save my name/url right. Hah.

  18. Those pictures are adorable! The painting you did is breath taking you definitely have a talent!

  19. I would be happy with a princess dress like that, too. :)

    Oh, and the "good guys are pretty" comment? EPIC.

  20. Beautiful pictures :)
    Love the blue eyes and the flower hair and the pinkishness.

  21. Aw, such a cute post! I love all the pics! So bright and pretty. And that princess dress you painted is adorable! My cousins would love it if I were that crafty/creative! :p

  22. I like good guys too..... they're very pretty. :]

  23. Your family is beautiful. May I suggest a small thing? Post pictures of your pictures! Everyone liked your drawings. We want more!
    All my best,

  24. LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos. Katie is SO cute!

    Have a wee peek over here!

  25. what a fun outing! your photos are beautiful!

  26. you may want to have a look at this too! just for fun.
    recognize anyone??

  27. your princess dress illustration is staggeringly beautiful.

    i did not know you were an artist, an a gifted one at that.

    do post some more!

  28. Wow. That's all i can say. your pictures are ah-MAZ-ing! you have talent, girl!


    ~Chelsea<3 (

  29. photos = completely breathtaking.


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