bucket list

  1. dance until morning
  2. hug a koala
  3. get a real leather jacket
  4. drive a convertible
  5. get dipped while dancing
  6. take a photo of a peacock
  7. see a movie on opening night [the avengers, may 4, 2012]
  8. set two people up
  9. drive a dirtbike
  10. wear a black dress and red heels
  11. marry the love of my life [september 14, 2013]
  12. illustrate a children's book
  13. ride a camel
  14. have a blond child
  15. learn Spanish fluently
  16. go to Mexico
  17. go to Mexico again
  18. buy shoes in Paris
  19. draw the Eiffel tower
  20. ride an elephant
  21. go to a pro basketball game [january 9, 2012]
  22. go to a pro football game
  23. eat a donut in my wedding dress
  24. learn to swim
  25. ride a motorcycle with my man
  26. slap a guy with good reason
  27. go on a cruise with Beka
  28. go on a mission trip to Mexico
  29. go on a mission trip to Africa
  30. adopt a baby from Africa
  31. learn to blow bubbles
  32. publish a book
  33. get picked as a PW photo contest finalist
  34. walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
  35. get a pedicure
  36. meet someone face-to-face that I met on blogger
  37. memorize a book of the Bible
  38. take a photo of a wild bald eagle
  39. work at a pro-life center
  40. see a play on Broadway
  41. see Les Miserables performed live
  42. stay up 24 hours
  43. drink a martini
  44. walk across the Millau Bridge (in France)
  45. finally be able to raise my hand while listening to "Angel"
  46. ride in a helicopter
  47. go to Hawaii
  48. get a manicure
  49. buy a real vintage dress
  50. go to New York City
  51. go to Chicago
  52. learn to tango
  53. run a mile
  54. save someone's life
  55. learn a song in Spanish
  56. get each of my fingernails painted a different color
  57. ride a horse on the beach
  58. eat an entire angel food cake
  59. write my name on the Mediterranean beach
  60. do ten push-ups at once [february 18, 2012]
  61. see The Messiah performed
  62. wear the perfect red dress
  63. take someone's engagement pictures
  64. go to Mexico with Beka
  65. sit next to my man on a bench seat in a pickup
  66. get my face painted
  67. ride in a hot air balloon
  68. take a self-defense class
  69. go to a circus
  70. take pictures at a carnival at night
  71. meet a celebrity
  72. read Les Miserables
  73. learn Italian
  74. eat gelato in Italy
  75. photograph a wedding
  76. make a huge, authentic Mexican meal
  77. take a roadtrip across (some of) America
  78. go to a concert of one of my favorite singers
  79. ride a motorcycle in Mexico with my man
  80. go to Disneyworld
  81. go to a Florida beach
  82. buy a traditional Mexican dress
  83. draw a portrait from life
  84. go to Mexico with Hadley
  85. watch a movie at a drive-in movie theater
  86. actually live in another state/country for a time
  87. drive a tractor
  88. sing "LA Baby" with Hadley on the LA beach
  89. kiss my man on a covered bridge
  90. go to Mark Driscoll's church
  91. draw a portrait of my man from memory
  92. dance in the rain. actually dance, like with a partner
  93. sell a piece of art
  94. learn to tie a necktie
  95. read War and Peace
  96. see the Sistine Chapel
  97. get real diamond stud earrings
  98. go to a ballet (did this when I was six or something, but I don't remember it)
  99. see someone I know personally get famous
  100. shoot a big gun
  101. ride in a Corvette
  102. make a scene with my man
  103. own a fridge with an ice maker
  104. touch a tiger
  105. get kissed when it turns the new year [january 1, 2014]
  106. be a maid of honor
  107. do 30 pushups at once
  108. complete 20 moleskines
  109. shave someone's head
  110. sing a duet with Hadley
  111. give blood
  112. throw a pie in someone's face
  113. go jet skiing
  114. meet Jenn
  115. meet AnnaKate
  116. ride a gondola
  117. see the Grand Canyon
  118. photograph a waterfall
  119. spend the night under the stars in the bed of a pickup
  120. see fireflies
  121. learn to drive stick-shift
  122. get ice cream from an ice cream truck
  123. have my own domain name
  124. make tiramisu
  125. make a rainbow cake
  126. get to the top of Mt. Saint Helens again
  127. get a henna tattoo [august 4, 2012]
  128. push Sam into the ocean [june 10, 2012]
  129. record a song with my people