Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Regarding hair

I haven't said much about mens' fashion yet, 
and hairstyles are something I feel very strongly about. 
Basically, my main peeve is when there is 
not enough,
weird shagginess. Especially spewed all over the forehead.

Corbin Bleu

Okay, I like afros. This one is small and I love it.

I love haircuts with the hair in front of the ear, sort of like the beginning of sideburns...

...which is must for any Jane Austen hero. 

Or bad boy. ♥

James Roday as Shawn Spencer from the TV show Psych

He may be pointing out how awesome his hair is in this photo... he does do that.
But it is awesome.

Despite many horrific haircuts, Robert Downey Jr. occasionally has a winner.

Gerard Butler as Andre Marek in Timeline
Long, and nice.

What happened!?

Patrick Dempsey has reliably awesome hairstyles. That is very rare.

William Moseley

I don't love this hair,
but it's okay. 
But then he went to this...

William Moseley (and Anna Popplewell)

Nick Jonas

As mentioned in this post, I love his current hair. 

Ben Barnes

He lost his long hair. I actually liked his hair long, but this is very, very nice.
(kinda creepy photo though)

Undeniably horrific. How could anyone think this was attractive??
It makes me so sad, because he has a nice face, if it was paired with nice hair.

Zac Efron, in Charlie St. Cloud
Off the forehead. Thank you so much.
It took a movie to help his hair realize it's full potential.

Oh yes.

Justin Bieber (and Usher)

And here we have the horror that is Justin Bieber's hair.
Unfortunately, this monstrosity has been dictating young men's hairstyles recently.

Alex Pettyfer

I like longish hair, but some guys definitely cannot pull it off. 
It totally fails if they don't have the right kind of hair, and some key facial structure elements.
Alex Pettyfer totally pulls it off. :-)

Dwayne Johnson

And then some guys get along fine with very little hair.

What are your feelings on guys' hair? 
Long, short, shaggy, curly, or Justin Biebered?

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Christmas Wishlist

Thanksgiving is over, we sang Advent songs at church yesterday,
and Josh Groban's Noel CD has been playing 24/7.

It's Christmas.

This is my wishlist this year. :-)

1. an epiphanie camera bag.
If this was all I got for Christmas, I would be happy as could be.
Unfortunately, I won't get it, considering the price.
But someday, I'm buying one. They have five different bags, 
but this one, "Lola" is the queen of all camera bags. 
Just as a purse, it would be super-cute and fashionable,
but considering that most camera bags are bulky masculine monstrosities (like my current one... gag),
this one is just divine. Plus, it has enough room to use it as your purse at the same time. 
No more going out and having to carry my purse and my oh-so-hideous camera bag. 
Yes, I fantasize about carrying this camera bag.

Josh Groban's brand-new CD.

If you know about my obsession with Les Miserables
you know that Michael Ball's voice is one of my favorite voices of all time.
This CD includes Disney love songs (!!) and songs from The Phantom of the Opera and Les Miz.

Notice how beautifully it matches my blog??
...not that my apron has to match my blog... but I love this color combination.
My kitchen is going to be these colors.

Oh, my. I want it so bad. 
My life will be complete when I can play this on the piano and sing it at the top of my lungs.

I have a red polka-dot one, but I can never wear that when I'm wearing hot pink.
...which I do a lot.

This one is definitely affordable.
Yes, it's the same fabric as the apron. ;-)

I love cupcakes, and this is so simple and lovely.
And I am in desperate need of adorable necklaces.

9. this mouse from amazon
I have a laptop, but I can't stand using the touch pad, 
and my trusty mouse that I've had for two years died. 
So I need a new one. And this one is so cute.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Flats via Target

I ran across a super-cute shoe on the Target website, and then kept looking... and found a whole treasure trove of adorable, inexpensive flats. I know that Target shoes aren't going to be very high-quality, 
but that's not a problem for me if they are only $13 to $20! 

I love the teal, although sometimes it's hard to match, so I probably wouldn't wear them very often. 

I would totally wear these. Possibly every day.

I'm a little jumpy about the large flower... I have a feeling I wouldn't like it on my foot. 
But it would be just the cutest thing ever if it was a little smaller.
Wouldn't this be darling with a grey dress?

I want to dance all night in these shoes.

Unusual, but cute. And shiny!

Understated and demure.

These would be so handy to have around, 
because I need casual black flats to go with all of my 
zany black and purple/black and pink/etc tights. 

Love, love, love these ruffles.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I love food {and shopping}

Thanksgiving was splendid. : )
As planned, I ate much.
But maybe not as much as my niece, Ruby. She is a champion eater. I kid you not.

Homemade hot apple cider...

Be still, my heart!


Heavenly white rolls... shiny with butter.

We eat our sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top.
Every year.

Pumpkin cream pie that I made...
 Despite the many sufferings during its construction, it turned out yummy. 

It would not be Thanksgiving without candles!

I took family pictures of my brother and his family for their Christmas card.
We are all very excited that Ruby now has enough hair for a pigtail.

Virginia Grace. 

I love this kid.

Black Friday shopping today? Oh yes. But not quite so hard-core as the last couple years.
We didn't get out of the house until close to 7:00 AM, and only went to two stores.
I didn't buy anything for myself. *halo*
I am seriously going to start a Black Friday savings account or something... 
every year I wish I had a wad of money to blow.
Did any of you get super-awesome deals?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanks Giving.

...Taking a moment to get excited about just a few of the blessings my awesome God has given me!

I am thankful for...

Lorenzo, my camera. I never dreamed I would be able to buy him this soon. He completes me.

You! You know that feeling of "no way, you too?? I thought I was the only one!" I've been getting that a lot reading all of your awesome comments and blogs. Your posts and comments encourage me, give me warm fuzzies, make me jump up and down, make me smile, make me squeal "ooh, sparkly/shiny/colorful/so dang cute!, and I love them all.

My sister. Especially recently, since one of us keeps gadding about without the other and then making me miss her. It's rare to be able to get to hang out with your best friend all day. Even though that can be rough at times, too. :-) We're soul sisters, despite the fact that Bethany doesn't like chai tea.

Baby girls. Birth is such a crazy miracle. I am so thankful to have four scrumptious nieces, all healthy and beautiful. I highly recommend aunt-hood. 

Sugar. Without sugar, I would shrivel up and die. It's what keeps me going on those bad days. And what makes my good days fabulous.

Beautiful people. Especially the ones that let me take their picture. How cool of God to make gorgeous people. What if we all looked the same? I'm so glad He made such a colorful and stunning smorgasbord of people in this world. I sure appreciate it.

Those little things. The moments that are just right. When God gives me just what I need, when I didn't even know what it was that I needed. When I just want to hug God, because He is so good.

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope yours is full of butter-soaked mashed potatoes, loud laughter, spicy cider that burns your tongue and makes the house smell like heaven,
and ultimately,