Monday, November 29, 2010

My Christmas Wishlist

Thanksgiving is over, we sang Advent songs at church yesterday,
and Josh Groban's Noel CD has been playing 24/7.

It's Christmas.

This is my wishlist this year. :-)

1. an epiphanie camera bag.
If this was all I got for Christmas, I would be happy as could be.
Unfortunately, I won't get it, considering the price.
But someday, I'm buying one. They have five different bags, 
but this one, "Lola" is the queen of all camera bags. 
Just as a purse, it would be super-cute and fashionable,
but considering that most camera bags are bulky masculine monstrosities (like my current one... gag),
this one is just divine. Plus, it has enough room to use it as your purse at the same time. 
No more going out and having to carry my purse and my oh-so-hideous camera bag. 
Yes, I fantasize about carrying this camera bag.

Josh Groban's brand-new CD.

If you know about my obsession with Les Miserables
you know that Michael Ball's voice is one of my favorite voices of all time.
This CD includes Disney love songs (!!) and songs from The Phantom of the Opera and Les Miz.

Notice how beautifully it matches my blog??
...not that my apron has to match my blog... but I love this color combination.
My kitchen is going to be these colors.

Oh, my. I want it so bad. 
My life will be complete when I can play this on the piano and sing it at the top of my lungs.

I have a red polka-dot one, but I can never wear that when I'm wearing hot pink.
...which I do a lot.

This one is definitely affordable.
Yes, it's the same fabric as the apron. ;-)

I love cupcakes, and this is so simple and lovely.
And I am in desperate need of adorable necklaces.

9. this mouse from amazon
I have a laptop, but I can't stand using the touch pad, 
and my trusty mouse that I've had for two years died. 
So I need a new one. And this one is so cute.


  1. Nice wish list! Love the Apron and the Camera bag. I wish I had a camera bag like that! Boy oh boy. Not fair.
    I love Josh Groban too...he has an amazing voice.
    God bless!

  2. I LOVE lovely things...and those are indeed many lovely things! Now you are making me want to do a Christmas wish-list post too! =)

  3. What a great idea! I ADORE Epiphanie, but I want the blue Belle bag :)

    Did you know that my cousin was in Josh Groban's new music video? I know! Cool, right? :)

    LOVE the life is sweet necklace! It's so cute!

    Thanks for posting!

  4. I love your list! I am now in love with the Clover bag from epiphanie...look what you did to me. ;D Haha! I love Josh Groban!

  5. I love Advent hymns :).
    We have Les Miserables for piano. It's awesome. Love the camera bag!

  6. Very nice list. Josh Groban's Christmas album is amazing!!!
    Oh, and now I want that necklace too. :)


  7. I have that Michael Ball CD set, it is fabulous! And Josh's new album is really good! :)

  8. Michael Ball and Josh Groban...both fabulous! I love your wish list! My sister Michaela has the Les Miz sheet music and plays it daily....I can hear my Les Miz tunes all day LONG. ;) And that red purse...oh so stylish! <3

  9. Oooh...I really love the camera strap.....and the apron :) WANT!

  10. Ooh and the camera bag!!!! Ok, carrying a purse AND a camera bag is REALLY inconvinient. :-D and yeah....current camera bag is quite the eyesore. :-D

  11. illuminations. *diez* I just saw this in the store the other day and wanted it so bad. Sadly, I didn't get it. :(

    I've also been listening to Josh Groban's Noel. I love that album. I think the only Christmas album I have that I listen to more then Noel is the Celtic Thunder Christmas album.


  12. Aw, what a fun Christmas wishlist, girlie! I'll have to do a post like this too ;)

  13. What a fun wish list! So glad you like the pillow in my shop. ;) And wow - what a camera bag! Love that. But first I would need to get a camera. :P

  14. I want that camera bag in blue! So adorable!

  15. That camera bag is beyond words. I love it!! SO much cuter than my camera bag. :)

    Love the ruffled camera strap also. Very cute!! :)

  16. Wow - I didn't need to know that camera bag existed! I was perfectly blissful in my ignorance. Now I know I'll be spending hours scheming ways to justify saving nearly $200 for a BAG! :)

    Loved your Thanksgiving posts - cheerfulness is a gift, thanks for spreading it around!

  17. AHHHHHHH! I have the Les Miz piano sheet music! o.O Its a MUST have. Get it, get it, get it! Not only are they absolutely lovely arrangements of some of the prettiest Les Miz pieces, but they are adult-level without being TOO difficult. LOVE.

    Good 'ol Michael Ball. ;) Lemme know if you end up getting the CD...and what you think! :D

    And everything else looks neato too. Approval!

  18. What a great wish list! I too ADORE the lola bag--I thought about putting it on my list but I just can't--too expensive!!! You certainly have great taste though! That apron is also adorable :)

  19. I love the 3100! I was just looking at it in the Nikon catalog. I have the 3000, which I like a lot, but the 3100 is definitely wonderful!

  20. I would just love to have Josh Groban's Illuminations, too.

  21. Great list! Love Josh Groban, and his Christmas cd is awesome...the only Christms cd I listen to more is my MC Christmas cd. I am really looking forward to hearing what's on the new JG cd. And the Michael Ball cd...(swoons)...awesome!

    Cuuuute bags, too...I'm loving this list. The necklace is tooo cute, too. ;-)

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