Thursday, November 4, 2010

we have a third prize!

Since all of your photos were so beautiful, I decided I really ought to have a third prize.
So I rustled one up.

Sizzle Straps is providing this colorful camera strap for the third-place winner! 
Unlike the red polka-dot camera strap cover for the first-place winner, this one is an actual strap.

It attaches to the camera just like the camera strap that you have now.

But it's cuter. ;-)

Make sure and check out the shop--there is lots of yumminess to drool over.

Hoping to get the finalists up later today...
but I'm gonna be gone until afternoon, so you'll have to be patient. :-)


  1. cool! i will be here to read the finalists, though i didnt enter, 'cuz i just found your blog, it looks nice, love the header!!!
    +Flamingo Pink+
    go ahead and check out my blog if you like!

  2. So cute! It's too bad I don't even have a chance...

  3. Those are really nice camera straps! If win though, I'm still hoping for second. :-D


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