Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I love Beauty and the Beast

...and I love the music.
Especially the title song. 
But I don't care for the vocals on any of the versions that I've heard, until I found this one today.
Emma Rowley isn't famous yet, but she is getting there,
 and I love listening to her original and cover songs on Youtube. 
This one is just beautiful.


  1. This is gorgeous! I love it so much!

  2. Aw she looks really sweet. Does she have braces? I love how she smiles at the camera. :-P

  3. That is my favorite movie....and I love that song!!!!


  4. omgoodness that rocks! she is so good! it would be ackward for me to sing with the camera rolling...but she did a good job making it look "natural". ;)

  5. Oh I love Beauty and the Beast too! Loumiere--the candlestick--is the best!
    I like how this girl sings it, only I am so loyal to the Celine Dion version! I love the way she sings a duet with a guy (can't remember his name).
    I'm hosting a photo challenge (will be starting NEXT Wednesday)and will be a weekly photo challenge running over 7 weeks. And a prize to the winner! Just thought I'd put it out there, so if you're interested or if anyone else is, go to this link!
    Have a blessed day:-)

  6. I love Beauty and the Beast too! I just rediscovered the music and have been listening to it a lot-just love it! :)

  7. You're falling down on the job, auntie. I was hoping to see some baby pictures! ;)

  8. Ah, this almost made me cry because it was so lovely! This always has and always will be my favourite movie (sorry North and South you will have to take first-and-a-half ;)). Thank you for sharing!
    Through Christ,

  9. this gives me chills and thrills :) its lovely.


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