Sunday, November 7, 2010

Autumn, I love you.

The trees have been ravishing for several weeks, but the weather...
not so much.
The last week has had some beautiful days, however, and I've finally gotten outside
 and gotten way. too. picture-happy.
This is the result. 
Stop here unless you have the fortitude to look at every single picture without dozing off.


This poor leaf.
Instead of fulfilling it's destiny and floating gently to the ground, to join the rest of it's crisping comrades,
it was impaled by a tiny branch.

This was exciting, because I have never taken pictures of train tracks before.
I have no idea why.
Because train tracks are like my best friend.
Although when I got out of the car to take these,
I holler "MAMA! What if a train comes??"

I just really don't want to get run over by a train.
Or caught in the cow-catcher.
Because then it would seem as if I was a cow.

Do they have cow-catchers on trains anymore...?

My discomfort with standing on train tracks
 may have something to do with watching Inception.

 I wandered around the college campus...
saw a guy on a unicycle...
wanted to take a picture...
chickened out.

Every time I saw a beautiful scene, I thought--"perfect background! Now I just need a person..."

People-photography is definitely what I love most.

Winter, please be brief. I can't survive without color for long.


  1. Aw these are beautiful!!!!!

  2. Your picture are so Beautiful!!!!

  3. Oh Wow! those are Beautiful!
    Great job


  4. I would have made you take the picture of the unicycle guy. ;)

  5. Are all these taken with the Nikon D3100? I'm so excited to learn about my camera and take wonderful pictures. Love all these photos!

  6. Yep, these were all taken with my beautiful new camera. :)

  7. Beautiful photos, love the first one. The color is so vibrant!

  8. "Fortitude, have I, to glimpse beauty that is adored and captured so very brightly seen!" Enough of the poetical for now...those are extremely lovely shots, Polka Dot!

    I have a new blog up and running now, a photography blog...if you'd like to stop by it and follow or give any advice or thoughts I'd love to hear from you!

    The link is:

    I don't have very many photos up yet on the new blog, but I hope to add more photos soon...and improve upon my photography skills very soon too.

    Happy Wednesday to you,


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