Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Regarding hair

I haven't said much about mens' fashion yet, 
and hairstyles are something I feel very strongly about. 
Basically, my main peeve is when there is 
not enough,
weird shagginess. Especially spewed all over the forehead.

Corbin Bleu

Okay, I like afros. This one is small and I love it.

I love haircuts with the hair in front of the ear, sort of like the beginning of sideburns...

...which is must for any Jane Austen hero. 

Or bad boy. ♥

James Roday as Shawn Spencer from the TV show Psych

He may be pointing out how awesome his hair is in this photo... he does do that.
But it is awesome.

Despite many horrific haircuts, Robert Downey Jr. occasionally has a winner.

Gerard Butler as Andre Marek in Timeline
Long, and nice.

What happened!?

Patrick Dempsey has reliably awesome hairstyles. That is very rare.

William Moseley

I don't love this hair,
but it's okay. 
But then he went to this...

William Moseley (and Anna Popplewell)

Nick Jonas

As mentioned in this post, I love his current hair. 

Ben Barnes

He lost his long hair. I actually liked his hair long, but this is very, very nice.
(kinda creepy photo though)

Undeniably horrific. How could anyone think this was attractive??
It makes me so sad, because he has a nice face, if it was paired with nice hair.

Zac Efron, in Charlie St. Cloud
Off the forehead. Thank you so much.
It took a movie to help his hair realize it's full potential.

Oh yes.

Justin Bieber (and Usher)

And here we have the horror that is Justin Bieber's hair.
Unfortunately, this monstrosity has been dictating young men's hairstyles recently.

Alex Pettyfer

I like longish hair, but some guys definitely cannot pull it off. 
It totally fails if they don't have the right kind of hair, and some key facial structure elements.
Alex Pettyfer totally pulls it off. :-)

Dwayne Johnson

And then some guys get along fine with very little hair.

What are your feelings on guys' hair? 
Long, short, shaggy, curly, or Justin Biebered?


  1. Hmmm...
    I like the revelutionary style of hair in men or sailers.

    But really it does depend on the sort of face the man has. Ben Barnes can pull off both but someone like Justin Bieber should really just stick to short hair.

    So really i prefer it to suit the mans face.

  2. Have you seen The Rock with an afro? It's pretty weird.....
    I love longish hair on a guy, but it can't be too long, John Corbets hair in My Big Fat Greek Wedding is good.
    Shawn Spencer's hair is pretty awesome too, I have to agree with him there.=)

  3. I loved this post :)
    I like the sticking-up poof-at-the-forehead sort of thing Kris Allen, Shawn, and Zac Efron did. What do you call that? Agreed. Afros are cool. :-D
    My word. Justin Beiber's hair. One word: SICK. And, sad to say, it seems to be spreading like a plague.
    I think I like Zac Efron's second hair the best. :-D

  4. Oh my gosh... Gerard Butler. swoon. i love him to death. :)

  5. I love this post. I looked at each picture before reading your comment on it, and agreed with everything you said (though I was worried for a sec with the Alex Pettyfer pic... 'no WAY she doesn't think he pulls it off!!!' :D lol). And Shawn Spencer seriously rocks-so does Mr. Darcy, and Robert Downy Jr., and Gerard Butler :D. Personally, I think that my favorite hairstyle for guys depends entirely on the face it's surrounding...

  6. Love Corbin Bleu's hair. It rocks! And who wouldn't love Mr. Darcy's hair? Gotta love Patrick Dempsey...love him to bits. Wow, Zac Efron looks way better with shorter hair! He looks like a girl with long hair...in fact all round he's pretty girl-y looking! lol
    This was an awesome post. Thanks:-)

  7. Corbin Bleu's hair ALL THE WAY!!! But only some people can pull of afro's... and he DEFINITELY can!!! :)

    BTW, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Justin Beiber!!! I hadn't noticed how awful his hair was until now! Even though I AM a 14 year old female, I don't go look at pictures of him on the internet ;) Haha! Great post!


  8. I'm generally *not* a fan of very, very short hair on guys, or extremely long hair. When it begins to approach the shoulders, it usually starts to creep me out. :)

    I seem to like thick, slightly curly hair on guys. Sort of old-fashioned looking, without being slicked down. Patrick Dempsey does have gorgeous hair. As do most Austen guys. And Ben Barnes is one person who I don't mind with long hair. Michael Buble has nice hair, but sometimes it's styled in a cheesy way. Although I don't like Zac Efron, his hair is really nice in that second picture. I love that style, with a lot of hair at the front and sort of swept up or to the side- sort of like an Elvis wannabe. :) Elvis, by the way, is sort of the king of amazing hair, in his younger years. James Dean's was also cute. And after Stephanie chopped off Uncle Jesse's mullet in "Full House," he had gorgeous hair. And he knew it. :)


  9. Oh man, this is hilarious! =] I needed a good laugh today. ;)
    For me, I love curly hair. Not super curly, but just a little bit. And, I also have a problem when guys' hair is longer than mine which usually isn't a problem because I hang out with other homeschool guys who still have their mom cut their hair... yeah. ;)

  10. Oh! Oh! You know who has the BEST hair?! James Marsden! Plus, he is adorable. =]

  11. Any hairstyle that Gerard Butler wears, I'm a fan of. Because we are getting married someday. He just doesnt know it yet.

    Stringy forehead curls? definite fail.

    Just found your blog and Im excited to follow u!

  12. I despise - abhor - and am otherwise repulsed - by Justin Bieber's hair cut or lack there of. (Did I spell his name right? Oh well....)

  13. I grew up in a Bible college atmosphere where guy's hair had to be off the neck/ears, so I prefer shorter. But NOT like, military short. ;-)

    Zac Efron's second and third are great - my favorite on guys. My brothers do that pouf thing for church and special occasions, and I love it. I like it to be longer on top...like, so they can brush it over and stuff, not so short that it's sticking up, you know? Especially if it's curly. Curly (not like afro, but you know) is nice. My dad has curly hair. ;-)

    And Justin Bieber's hair...DISGUSTING. ;-P

  14. I'd like to attack Justin Bieber's hair with a weed whacker. It looks like a) a helmet b) a shell c) brain sucking amoeba d) all of the above.

    D. Totally.

    It is amazing what the right haircut will do for a guy. Matt Bomer was in Tru Calling years ago and his hair was shaggy and I never looked twice at him. Now he's in White Collar with hair off his face (and beautiful clothes) and I'm like Hellooooooooo there beautiful!

  15. I am totally in love with Nick Jonas' hair!! The way it's curly, but he keeps it nice and short....perfect.


  16. agree with you all the way, polka dot. I especially like the really tasteful longer hair...like Alex Pettyfer's or Gerard Butler's or the semi-longish hair of Jane Austen's guys or Patrick Dempsey.

  17. Graet post! lol... I useed to think Justin Biber was ok, but now I'm like "JB ewwwwwwwww" heehee. I LOVE Zac Efron and Nick Jonas with short hair! Sooooo good looking!!:):) heehee!! I can not stand Robert Downey Jr!! He is sooo narcissistic! Did I spell that right? He love's him self so much... and he plays in a lot of bad movies. Your so right about Corbin Bleu!! I love his hair!!:):)


  18. When I see Justin Bieber's hair, i think bucket. Grosssssss.....
    My favorite thing to say when I see Justin Beiber is, "I called Justin Bieber gay, so he hit me with his purse." LOL

  19. GREAT WONDERFUL, INTERESTING POST!!!! I think my opinion is that it just has to look good on the guy. I hate anything past the shoulders. Ewwww......
    Ben Barnes totally pulled off the longer hair expertly, but I'm lovin it shorter!!! Will Moseley's hair rox my sox in "Prince Caspian" but have you seen his hair NOW!!!! Its really to G-A-G over! Not joking. To me, it looks absolutley hideous on him!!! Uggghhhh gives me the shivers just thinkin bout it!
    Anyhoo, I guess I'd have to say it just has to look great on the guy, or I don't like it.....


  20. Spot on! :-) Love a little shaggyness and some sideburns (well-trimmed mind you -- none of this, "I'm not really sure if I can grow them, or if my beard will work with this look, but hey! I'll give it a try" stuff...) :-)

  21. Jason has Kris Allen sideburns. :) Unfortunately he can't grow his hair too long cause he's in the airforce. But, hey, he's definitely got the sideburns going for him. ;)

    Also, I COMPLETELY agree with you on the Justin Beiber side of things...his hair looks like a mop. Soo attractive. Not. :D

  22. Patrick Demsey's hair: eternally amazing.
    Jonas kid's hair: also very attractive.
    Benjamin's hair: the best.

  23. Alex Pettyfer's hair - AWESOME!

  24. OMW I totally agree w/ you about Nick Jonas' hair .............

    but i may be slightly biased toward him........................

    unfortunately I know several guys who seem to think that that hairstyle is attractive
    but, hopefully they'll grow up eventually =P

  25. I loved this post!!! :)

    I like the hairstyle where it is kinda spkey or poofed up in the front!!! ONE WORD Justin Beibers hair: SICK!! And sad to say my cousin's like it!!! I like the second picture of Zac Efron best!! :D

  26. I about fell over laughing as I read all the comments! =) I pretty much agree with your assessment, Polka Dot. :)

    So many guys don't have a clue about how to do their hair nicely. (At least in my circles of acquaintance.) And from the above comments, one can tell that girls feel strongly about this subject! ;)

    Keep up the great posting!

  27. This is your brother Ben... Wow, girls seem to have strong opinions about guys hair! I actually agree with most of what you said here... maybe I should grow an afro??
    And you are correct about Justin Bieber. He, and his hair, and his music, are an offense to all humanity.

  28. Please, Please grow an afro.

    Just kidding. =P

  29. Well first of all I think it totally depends on the guy! Everyones face shape and hair is different so obviously different guys can pull of different styles. :) I tend to just like simplicity. A medium length cut that is spiked up in the front and looks like they just throw some gel in it. Kind of like the Kris Allen photo you showed. :)

    Not a big fan of long hair on guys... or Justin B hair! Haha. and I must agree.. usually my biggest peeve with mens hair is when it is TOO short. For the most part guys look really bad with shaved heads IMO. ^_^

  30. I LOVE WINDBLOWN. As in shortish everywhere but the front, with...I guess I'd call them...swishes?...in the front. Like Mr. Bingley in the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice. My guy will absolutely have to have nice hair. Period. It's a selfish deal-breaker for me, in a way. But I love your definition of Bieber's hair...indeed, horror.

  31. I DISLIKE Justin Beiber. (I purposely spelled his name wrong lol) I agree with Ben.

    Oh, Shawn Spencer= Awesomeness!!!!!!!

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  33. I think I agree with you on this entire post. :) Except William Moseley's in the first picture... I really like his hair, ahem, and his face. :)

  34. NO Justin Beiber! Spare me from that torture!
    Wavy, thick, and black, not too short, but definately not long.

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