Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shopping, movies, and cupcakes...

I spent the day with a few friends on Saturday to celebrate Hadley's birthday.
We bashed around the mall, mostly gazing at beautiful things and saying "Ooh--shiny!"
Not having much cash to throw around (aka none), I only bought a lovely cream scarf and two rose hair pins.
(yes, I'm proud of myself).

If I was richer, I would have bought these amazing heels.
In case I ever dress up as a flamenco dancer.
(Hadley took this picture of me trying them on.)

This purse in Brighton spoke to my soul.

Beyond-horrifying Forever 21 mannequins.

Then we had to take pictures of the lady-of-the-day.
We defied the drizzly November weather, armed ourselves with a small, bright blue umbrella 
with a duck handle, and traipsed down the road a little way.

Hadley is awesome.
She is so much smarter than me--she reads lots of thick old books and thinks a lot.
But she's like me because she loves photography and bright colors 
and Psych and cupcakes and cute heels.

She's a pretty special gal and I'm excited that I'm her friend.

Doesn't she look like she belongs in a clothing catalog?

AH-mazing gray ruffle-detailed heels.

Hadley: "Did that Hispanic guy hang his head out of that pickup truck and smile/whistle/wave at us??"
Me: "Um, yes. All three."

Hadley, Kerrilyn, and Juli.

Kerrilyn is so delightfully dramatic. 
She was very helpfully posing people creatively while I stoically snapped photos.

Notice the raindrops in the hair...

Aforementioned heels.

We were all shivering and frozen, so we came in and drank hot chocolate and ate pizza and then, 
we had cupcakes.

We watched an episode of What Not To Wear,
 Holes (my word, is Sam the Onion Man the sweetest guy ever or what?)
and Prince of Persia. We all squashed on one couch and shrieked and swooned and shuddered in sync.
Hadley screamed the most, for sure. I held her hand as she wailed over the deaths of certain persons.

And we continued eating cupcakes.

When it was late and we all felt sufficiently unintelligent and susceptible to corny romance, 
we watched the first half of High School Musical.
You guys, it is so hilarious.
I can't wait to finish it.

I won't tell you how many I ate.


  1. What a delightful day! I love perfect days like these and wish they could happen more often. Ah, life's little lovelies!! ;)

  2. Wow, sounds like you had fun!
    Love all the pictures and those heels are gorgeous! It looks like you have heaps of fun with your friends, you are so lucky to have so many friends who are near by! Those cupcakes look sooooo yummy...makes me want to make some right now and eat them:-)
    Wow, that's a load of films...haha High School Musical makes me laugh too--the way they sing at each other is hilarious! The dancing is awesome too:-)
    God bless

  3. What a lovely day! And I ADORE those red shoes! Wish I had a pair of those heels... :)

  4. Glad you guys had fun! Wish I could have been there (except maybe for the picture taking part). ;-)

    Happy Birthday Hadley!

  5. Do wish Hadley a happy birthday for me!
    And mmmmm, those cupcakes look divine!!!

  6. Aw Suzy you're sweet :)
    Yes. Sam the Onion Man is the sweetest guy ever.
    I wouldn't have been able to get through Prince of Persia without you. :-D

  7. Aw, tooooo fun!

    Hadley is in my Spanish class. She's adorable- and amazingly gorgeous. I'm jealous that you get to be real-life friends with her.... :)

  8. Cool! Shopping with friends is always fun! :) Those shoes are beautiful!

  9. Looks like you girls had a blast! Thanks for sharing all the fun pictures! :)

  10. It is so fun to shop with friends!! :) Those shoes are fabulous!

  11. I ran into your page by chance and I completely couldn't get out of here for almost an hour. You ladies are so lovely. Thanks for those beautiful shots.


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