Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Prince of Persia"

I watched this movie with my friend Beka, since we stole her for the weekend. 
And the next day I watched it again. Sound familiar? I did the exact same thing with Robin Hood.
I loved it. Again. :-)
(oh and can we quickly give him kudos for matching my blog so well??)

My brother and sister had seen it without me a couple weeks before and said,
"Um, it was okay, pretty cheesy...but you would love it."
Boy, were they right. About me loving it. ;-)

There are so many reasons that it is just the sort of movie that I love.
First of all--the setting. I love the whole desert, Arabian-ish thing.
And it has ostrich racing! How cool is that?

I have a huge weakness for men who jump on rooftops.
Jason Bourne.
And now Dastan.

Who could not love a movie with a stoic knife-throwing brute with a leopard skin blankie?
Beka said it was a cloak. But whatever.

Chances are, if you've seen the preview, you thought the girl sounded dumb.
Well, she is a bit of a snot, there's no denying it. But I really liked her by the end.
I like how she's not all macho. She's a woman, and she uses that to get what she wants.
And she's kinda whiny which I identify with. :P

His armor. OH YES.

Basically everyone who has seen it says something like this about Jake Gyllenhaal (the main character):
"Ehh. He has a super long head and weird hair and a crooked smile and a scruffy face. He's ugly."

Well, I disagree.
In a big way.
I have seen pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal clean-shaven with short hair, and let me tell you,
that was not nice at all.
But I think he looks awesome with the longish hair and scruffiness.
Plus, he has this  mysterious scar on his left cheek.
How cool is that?

I just love him as a character, which might be partly why I think he is so good-looking. 
I love how he always gets in fights and wears cool belts and is daring and head-strong and cocky and JUMPS BETWEEN ROOFTOPS.
Did I mention that already?

Don't watch this movie if:
a) you are feeling cynical.
b) don't like really awesome swashbuckley movies with awesome heroes.
c) are in the mood to watch something profound and educational.

The end was so awesome. Beka and I cried. 
But I am so not telling you what happens.
Cuz you have to see it. It's freshly out on DVD, so go spend 100 cents and get it from Redbox.

Just suspend disbelief, and you'll love it. :-)
If you have seen it, did you love it!?!?
Or was it just me.


  1. I LOVED that movie! Just saw it last night! :)

  2. I saw this movie when it came out in theaters and thought it was okay, entertaining but not a fav. My opinion of it has improved somewhat since it's come out on DVD. It's just plain fun. :) Glad you enjoyed it. Oh, and I have to say the score is one of my favorites for the year!

  3. I haven't seen it yet. I've always thought Jake Gyllenhaal was pretty handsome, myself. :) Even if he does have the whole Prince Caspian hair thing going on in this movie.


  4. Someone else who loves Jason Bourne! Yah!! I will probably like this film then:-) Anything with high action, roof-top jumping, bad-guy-good-guy, hero-and-heroine, nice ending in it ought to be good! Thanks for this:-)
    God bless

  5. I've put the movie in my Netflix queue....let you know how I like it after I've seen it! If you like Jake Gyllenhaal, he was super good in the movie 'October Sky,' and to my recollection there were only a few choice words and one 'slightly racy' scene.

  6. Red sash-belt thing? Yes.
    Leapard cloak-blankie (I would use it as a blankie...)? Yes.
    Jumping off of buildings? Yes.
    (Aladdin? yes. Jason Bourne? YES. )
    I now desperately want to watch this. :)

  7. Alejandro jumps off of rooftops in the Mark of Zorro, too.

  8. I loved it! Very much! And we are now the proud owners of the DVD. ;)


  9. If the girl was different the movie would have been a lot better. Less cheesy and all. I thought the whole brother thing was pretty cool.

    But you already know all my opinions on this subject. ;-)

    Your Sis

  10. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I have been to Paris and I dream of going there again, hopefully soon!

  11. Hi! I'm Georgie! **cheesy grin** I've been following your blog for awhile now, but haven't left a comment. Which makes me kind of feel like a stalker, but... I'm NOT! :D

    Anyway, I haven't seen this movie yet, but after reading your review I shall go add it to my Netflix queue, because I like a lot those things your mentioned. :)

    God Bless!
    Georgie Penn

  12. Hey girl! You might want to check out my blog... :)

  13. I do not like this movie....I LOVE AND ADORE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I agree about the hair thing,he needs more than a buzz cut.
    I love it that he can to Parkour! It would be really cool to be able to do it, but I'm not sure I'm that athletic. :P
    His outfits are awesome too. :)
    Thanks for reviewing and glad you enjoyed the movie!

  14. I agreed with every. single. sentence. of this post :D! Except the whiny bit, but I used to be... LOL. And Bourne? Aladdin? Someone else said Zorro? Oh yes.

  15. Well, you've got me hooked! I think I'm going to rent this and watch it tomorrow! =)

  16. you are not alone! i loved the movie...and i love him. (did i just say that out loud???) lol
    anyone who said he was ugly in the movie needs their eyes checked!!! loljk!
    now i must see it again. :)

  17. I thought the movie was good, at least what I saw of it. Both times I tried to watch it I fell asleep...maybe next time I'll watch it earlier in the day and during a week when I'm not so sleep deprived! lol

  18. I'm with you girl! I loved it. I thought it wasn't cheesy in the least. Awesome plot, even if it did come from a video game.

    Check out my blog Open Book Reviews! Giveaway happening. Love your blog.

  19. LOVELOVELOVE I totally agree!!

  20. I thought it looked sorta cheesy.... but I STILL WANT TO SEE IT! I love the whole Arab-ish thing too :)

  21. I love reading your movie reviews! so I intend to spend the rest of the night, sitting here and reading the rest of them :)

    This totally looks like a movie I would love. I mean, men jumping off of roofs, ostrich racing, a really good looking main character ( sometimes the scruffy look on guys is SO much better than the clean look! ;), awesome costumes (love the "blankie" ;) and its set in a desert and has an Arabian-ish theme, who wouldn't love that?! Ok, sorry I got carried away.... but it does look like a movie that I would like ;)
    thanks for the review! I loved reading it. :)

    with love,

  22. Oh, help. I happened across your blog. And now I'm growing fond of this film and Dastan.
    I almost hated him in the beginning, but I loved him at the end. And I watched it twice in a day. :P (Well, skipping parts of it the second time.)
    The film has many issues, but something makes it exactly the type of film I like when I don't feel... profound.

  23. Hey it's me Gabbie from Cinderbella's. I was browsing through your blog & stumbled upon this post thanks to Linkwithin. I love this movie!! I am a fan of the games, so I had to see it. Even though it's different than the games this is favorite movie of mine now. I actually liked Jake in this movie & like you felt he looked better. :)

  24. Leopard skin blankie? Haha :)
    I loved that movie!

  25. I watched this the other day because I was not feeling cynical or needing anything educations...or...I forgot the other thing. ;)
    LOVED the setting. It was very pretty and I am with you on enjoying the exotic desert locale.
    I was a tad confused at the "we're Persian but have British accents" thing but meh I didn't care that much.
    I kept thinking the oldest brother would be hot if he didn't have all that ugly hair. I imdb'd him and was totally right. :D
    And the girl played Elizabeth Bennet in Lost in Austen which a lot of people hate but I loved. It makes me lol. :D
    And the dad was in one of the Hornblower movies and I was like Ooh ooh! I know him!
    So yeah. I enjoyed it. :) And I never would have watched it if I hadn't read this review.

  26. By the way, my "needing anything educations" line - ummm apparently I do! *facepalm*

  27. I haven't seen it yet, but I borrowed it from a friend and I have it on my list of 'to watch movies'. ;) oh yeah!
    Anyway...*I* think this guy has amazing hair - and I'm judging that from pictures...
    The girl looks like someone I would like in a movie, so...we shall see.
    I love Arabian-ish, desert movies too!! not sure I would like to live there, but I enjoy seeing other people who do. :D haha
    Oohooh!! You forgot Flynn Rider on the list of 'guys who jump on roofs' ;) But, I guess I'll forgive you since PofP came out BEFORE Tangled. ;)

    Okay, gotta go, Gizmo is about to die on me.
    love ya!

  28. I watched this movie a few nights ago and I LOVED it! :) i love all the characters, the locations, clothes and everything! Yeah, and the awesome dude who does the crazy jumps, flips and jumps off of rooftops and such is very good looking. ;]

    much love♥♥

  29. Just my opinion: His expressions absolutely make the movie. Macho he may appear, but every thought and emotion shows up on his face, reminding me of a little boy. And his smile! heart-stopping.

    I love this movie. Right you are; there is nothing profound about it, but oh! so much fun!


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