Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Enchanted" Fashion

I love Enchanted. I love that the one guy is so grumpy and the other guy is so dumb.
I love that they kiss in the rain on a roof.
I love the chipmunk.
I love that Patrick Dempsey is so amazing.
I love that they dance to "So Close" because that song is so exquisite and makes me cry.
I love her hair.

But most of all, 
I love her clothes.

Well, elements of her clothes. Unfortunately, most of them aren't very decent.
Although the above dress is definitely very costume-y, I love it.
I love that she makes it out of his curtains.
I love that this picture gives me warm fuzzies.

I love that Edward's sleeves look like watermelons.
I love that he is such a buffoon.
I love that I almost accidentally typed "baboon". It might be applicable.

I love this dress, except for the top. 
I love the gathers, the full skirt, the length, the color, the floral detailing at the neckline...

Her pony-tail! So. Cute. 
I would love for my hair to be this exact shade.


  1. Great pictures! I think your blog is nice too :)

    Thanks for entering my giveaway. Winners will be announced tomorrow!

    ~Liz B

    PS: I love your header picture!

    My favorite dress is the last one :) It reminds me of a 50s dress. :)

  3. "Enchanted" is such a great movie! I love all of the things you mentioned (especially "So Close"-I adore that song. Actually I love the entire soundtrack, except "Ever Ever After"...not a big Carrie Underwood fan), except the chipmunk. :) Amy Adams is too cute! And her hair always looks ridiculously adorable.


  4. I never liked the movie but I love her costumes! The blue dress is GORGEOUS! :)

  5. Patrick Dempsey is very dreamy.

  6. Okay, so I just wanted to say that I *loved* this post!! I adore Enchanted and saw it 3 times in theater before actually buying it for myself. :) I agree with everything you said about her clothing, and the way you wrote out what you liked was so clever. ;)

  7. I loved Giselle's outfits in this movie!! :)
    And Edward...*sigh* haha :D

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