Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So a couple weeks ago me and a bunch of my 
girlfriends went downtown and bopped around at vintage stores. :-)
If you have never been to Portland... put it on your bucket list. And when you come to revel in the beauteous green city by the river, stop by my house and say 'hi'. 

The first vintage store we went to. It was clean and nice and not awfully expensive. Unfortunately, we didn't find much that appealed to us/fit/didn't make us look like weirdos.

Be still, my heart.
This was the very first thing I saw when I walked in the door.
(looks at price-tag)
"Uh, scratch that, guys, actually I'm not."

Have I mentioned that vintage shoes never fit my feet? ;-( 


Cute black dress that looked way better on Lindsey than it did on me... 
AND the ah-mazing champagne 50's dress that Beka ended up buying.

We went to another vintage store, Ray's Ragtime, which had lots of 50's yumminess, but the employees.
You'd think that people who you are giving money to would be gracious, right?
This is generally considered appropriate.
Apparently this place didn't get the memo.

One of the things they were super rude about was telling us that NO PHOTOGRAPHY WAS ALLOWED.
That is like the pet peeve of my life. No photography. GRR.
Anyways, that was too bad, since we tried on a lot of really adorable dresses.
Against our principles, we did buy two dresses from them... they did have good stuff.

Then we went down on the waterfront and I got to use 
my brand-spanking-new camera on my beautiful friends. :-)

Kerrilyn got an lovely orange scarf (that matched shirt perfectly) at the Place of Doom and Anger.
And I couldn't help referencing Confessions of a Shopaho lic on the photo. 

Beka sitting on a weird nubbin thing in the middle of the sidewalk.
Beka: "Look, a weird decorative alien thing!"
Me: "No, that's a weird nubbin thing they like tie ships to and stuff."
Beka: "Nubbin? What is a nubbin? I think you made that word up."
I totally did not. 

Pretty Shay. :-)

Hadley. Being cheerful. :-)

The blonds have to stick together.

And the ones with the complementary pink and orange-sherbet-stripe shirts have to stick together.
'Cause they look so stinkin' cute together.

Awesome picture Hadley got of Beka with her Chipotle burrito.

So when you come to Portland, be sure and not go to Ray's Ragtime. And be sure to go to Chipotle.
Your life will be better after Chipotle.

Do I have an adorable friend or what?


  1. Aw we had such a good time! Love these pictures :) The last one of Bekah is gorgeous!

  2. Bekah?? BEKAH????????!!!!!!!!!

    IT"S BEKA B-E-K-A!!!!

    and thanks! :)

    Btw Suzy LOVE these pictures!

    WOw...feathered earings.... :)

  3. Now you have me oh so tempted to visit Portland! ;) Looks like marvelous fun.

  4. I knew that!!! Remember, I said "Hi BEKA" in spanish?? See, my fingers do things that my mind doesn't observe somtimes. *clasps hands* forgive me please?

  5. Aw, such cute pics!! You girls are all so adorable! Oh, and Suzy...I think you meant that her scarf matched perfectly with her 'SHRT' said scarf both times... :) It was kinda funny, 'cuz when I read it, I was like 'scarf matched with her scarf? oh maybe she had another one!?' :D *haha* Anyway...
    see you tomorrow!
    Thumbs up for Portland!!


  6. Love these pictures! HOW FUN!?! :) Shopping is just the best - especially with friends!

  7. You're right. That black dress is adorable. There is a vintage store near me that didn't get the gracious memo either. They don't allow photography and they make you leave your purse at the counter. It's like well if you don't trust me, then why should I trust you? And the owner follows people around the store and acts all suspicious. But it's always worth putting up with it because of the finds! I'm glad you guys found some good stuff!

  8. Actually I noticed that... :D lol, I forgive you :)


  9. Ohh that vintage champagne dress is to die for!


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