Monday, October 18, 2010

Vintage Dance

You know how sometimes I put up a huge post with tons of pictures and then warn you about it?
This is far longer. I apologize. ;-)

On Friday, we had a vintage dance at our church. Having gone vintage store shopping, some of us were garbed in actual vintage clothing, and others were in beautiful retro clothing that they had made. Of course we had to take pictures... so we all gathered at the church early and I was in heaven being bossy and taking pictures of all these beautiful young ladies.

Beka, glamorous and so 50's. A post will be coming up with many more pictures I got of her. 

She pulls off bright red lipstick so beautifully...

Kerrilyn--1950's meets Raggedy Ann. Or Pippy Long Stocking. :-)
I love the look so much.

She took off the socks and wore demure black flats for the dance. :-)

Hadley, pre-poodle skirt.

Found her shoes and couldn't resist...

This girl--so darn cute.

Hadley, obeyer of the voice of my soul, has beautiful shiny red shoes.

So does Kerrilyn, of course, but I had to bring two pairs of my red shoes for Beka and Shayleen.

Her skirt was so deliciously twirly.

More twirling...

Shayleen got this dress at the same vintage shop as I got mine. 

The cut is very unique, and very lovely. And the collar is exquisite.

Elisa, with adorable rose headband.

And then I got dressed... and Kerrilyn the hair artist doused my hair in hairspray.

My finished hair.

Rebekah was sort of a flapper... but a pretty flapper. 
Which is unusual.

Benjamin took this... I think... 
once he figured out that he had to look through the view finder of my camera. LOL.

Lauren's dress was beautiful, and looked good with mine.
Didn't get a full-length picture of her dress, though.

Brother and sister-in-law being mushy.

Congratulations if you got through all of these. gasp.


  1. Oh my, how fabulous! Dancing is such fun, especially when there's a vintage theme! We held a 30's/40's themed English Country/Contra ball earlier this year, and I found a lovely little pale pink 1940's original to wear. <3

    I got through these pics - not as many as you made it sound... ;) - and enjoyed every one of them thoroughly.
    You looked SO authentic. Wow. And I love love love your dress. Ohhhh... *dreamy sigh*.

    The red shoes = epicness. And the very 1st dress is STUNNING. I also rather adore the sweet blue one the other blonde girl wore.

    Ok. I'm done rambling. =)
    *Lovely* post!!

  2. Wow- these pictures are gorgeous! We had such a good time :)
    Ok, the one of Shay upclose is BREATHTAKING. :)


  4. I'm so jealous! I wish our church would have a vintage style dance. But even if I had the chance, I don't know if I'd be brave enough to go. :)

    Everyone looks amazing! That first dress is gorgeous and perfect. I also love your dress and the blue shirtwaist type one. Is it handmade? It looks similar to a pattern I have.


  5. Yes, the blue one is handmade. Isn't it lovely?

  6. Those dresses are just gorgeous! Looks like a ton of fun was had by all!

  7. Beka is...stunning!!! Gosh, she is so beautiful!
    And Kerrilynn!!! Girl, you are such a beauty!
    All of you girls look like models!! That first pic is too fun!! Suzy, I want to see your outfit too, though!! :(
    Wow!! Looks like ya'll had just a ton of fun!! How neat!

  8. LOVE the photos!
    You ladies were all so lovely! :-D
    The red shoes pic is great too...a new blog header perhaps? :-D

  9. I know this is an older post, but I just had to comment. ;)

    Every one looks gorgeous in their vintage attire! I especially love the blue poodle skirt. All the pictures are wonderful; It looks like you gals had a fantastic time!

    Our homeschool group put on a 1940's Swing Dance last year, and everyone got to dress up. That was lots of fun, and I hope they do another one this year. :D

  10. i know this is late and delayed but, i just now saw it. that looks like a ton o fun! omw i wish i could do something like that. but if i did, no guys around here would come. :( not quite the same. lol but looks like you had a good turn out of young men. ;) what kind of dancing did you do?

  11. I can't tell you how much I love this post. My church should definatly do this- I'll suggest it to the pastor...
    AND I love Kerilyn's look- so Pippy-long stocking!
    Just thought I would gush, also, that I love Hadley's high heels. I always see similar shoes in shops and they seem the very picture of temptation x

  12. Wow beautiful photos! I love the brown dress!
    The dance looks like it was fun too.
    Also, I think your blog might be my new favourite... :D

  13. This is such a cute idea! I love theme parties. Especially ones with red shoes :)


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