Friday, November 5, 2010

Pining for Pea Coats

I love adorable coats.
Beyond all words.
So winter is a very dangerous time for my piggy bank.

These coats from Old Navy are definitely on my wish list.
Every time I go to a store, beautiful, expensive wool coats call my name.

I saw this in red at the store the other day and it literally took my breath away.
Even though it's not a pea coat.

By the way--I should post photos of my piggy bank. 
It's a pig. And it's pink. And it isn't very full.


  1. SOO adorable!! I want those coats! Like, all of them :D

  2. I keep going back to look at those on the Old Navy site. I want one in every color.

  3. I absolutely love my Old Navy coats!

  4. I suffer from the same problem. =) I just love all of the coats you posted!

  5. I too adore pea coats!!
    Unfortunately, I have pretty broad shoulders and can't find any that I can breath in. =)

  6. So it's not just me! I have three pea coats... and I wear them all but they are way too tight in the shoulders. :P It's okay if I don't have to move my arms much. ;-) I've always been "cuteness over comfort".

    Yeah. I have broad shoulders too. :P

  7. I love the coats at Old Navy! If I had endless streams of money, I would buy each and every one. Well, if they fit right. I'm so short, coats not in the petite section tend to look horrendous on me...

    Hee, hee. ^.^

  8. Cute cute cute!! wish I had some extra cash to spend :)

  9. I need a new winter coat! It's going to put a dent in my wallet, but still, I really need one! :) Gotta stay warm. Old navy has beautiful selections! :)thanks for stopping by my blog!
    your is lovely! :)

  10. funny you should post this article.... i just went to jcpennys and they had pea coats galore!! it made me wish i had money!!! ohmgoodness i wanted them all! :)

  11. Yep, I have been drooling over the ones in Old Navy lately; it got really cold this week, and even though I don't need another coat, the one with the ruffles is really hard to resist!

  12. I wanna see your piggy bank. :-)
    Winter is dangerous for piggy banks for many reasons...Christmas being the chief amongst them. :-/
    Also, I am WAY more tempted to buy things like Starbucks & Dutch Bros. Which is saying something, 'cause I'm pretty tempted all summer, too. LOL.


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