Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my brother got married

It happened. My brother got married.

I'm not sure it's sunk in yet...

The wedding weekend started on Thursday, with the rehearsal and dinner. Unfortunately, while doing dinner preparations at the church, I totally randomly and abruptly got a cold. Just FYI, when I have a cold, I am immediately three times as likely to fall apart. I was already getting weepy at the rehearsal. Sheesh.

I got to drive home from church with Benjamin... our last drive home from church. :) The one good thing about being sick was that I could stay home on Friday and sew. 

I got up early so I could go out to coffee with Benjamin (but I actually had chai in an effort not to destroy my health even more). That was awesome. Even though he should have slept in....

Anyways, so I was sick and had the whole day ahead of me to finish my dress, with plenty of time so that I'd have a nice relaxing evening.

And then I went to get my dress, and it wasn't there. Turns out I left it in Benjamin's car, and he was at work. So I had all day at home with nothing to do, until my mom brought it home that evening.

sleepy flower girl.
So I stood on some tables while the fabulous Mrs. P helped me mark my hem. By the way--standing on the kitchen counter in three-inch heels with your shoulders scraping the ceiling--fun times.

We watched Night at the Museum 2 and laughed super hard at really stupid things, as planned. And then I stayed up until 5 am working on my dress.

As Benjamin put it: "oh my word! you're going to be a disaster today!"

Yep... pretty much.

I decided I might have to bail on my toast, since I already was in danger of falling apart, and having gotten an hour and a half of sleep plus being sick was not going to be helpful. So I sat down amidst hair curling and makeup applying, and tried to write out something I could give them instead.

And then I totally lost it. One of the photographers came in to urge us to readiness, and I was literally sitting on a the couch in the nursery, sobbing, with still-damp hair, a stripy shirt, and zero makeup. Not one of my finer moments.

Rebekah looked amazing. Of course. : )

Thanks to Beka and Johanna's emotional support, and makeup and hair ministrations from Beka and Jessica, I pulled myself together and was ready on time (well, not really... but as on-time as everyone else.)

post-ceremony wedding party milling-around

The ceremony was everything perfect. Benjamin was so smug the whole way through, and I was alternating between beaming and clenching my jaw to keep from falling apart. 

Their first kiss was amazing--they waited a long, long time, and it was aggressive and triumphant and beautiful and beam-worthy.

after the ceremony, we waited for family/bridal party photos.
Benjamin is my fourth sibling (and my last brother) to get married, and I've gotten to be a bridesmaid in all four weddings. God definitely gives special grace/numbness during the actual ceremony--it all kind of feels so surreal, that it's easier not to turn into a total emotional wreck.

I just took pictures in between things, and appreciated all the moments, instead of being tied to my camera. Peter and Miwaza (photographer heroes of mine) were continuously taking amazing photos, which may show up on here at some point.

my sister and her family

my brother and his family.

The reception was simply amazing. Chipotle catered, and Chipotle is pretty much my favorite restaurant ever (crazy-awesome burritos, unparalleled guacamole, and completely addictive corn chips). So basically, it was the best reception food of all time. 

I was fine until the toasts started, at which point I got panicky and tried to finish my notes, and then obtained the microphone at some point and shook uncontrollably, misread my notes, and botched it all nicely. ;) BUT. I did not weep steadily into the microphone, and that's really all that matters.

That's my brother. And he's kissing a girl. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.

Their first dance was perfect. And he dipped her at the end. I was far too busy screaming and clapping at that point to get a picture.

father/daughter dance, and mother/son dance + niece Ruby. ;)

Beka and I, both increasingly brotherless, stuck by each other and she was very helpfully available for spontaneous hugs.

There's a picture missing here. It is a self-portrait of Hadley and I, in which I look exactly like Rango. No, really. Hadley didn't believe me, and then I unwillingly sent her the picture and she totally agreed.
Yeah. That's what friends are for.

"single ladies"

There was lots of enthusiastic dancing. ;)

Johanna and I. And... Beka. ;) picture by Bethany.
It was a momentous, emotional, day, and everything that it should have been. I screamed more than I ever have in one day--I screamed when they kissed, when they walked down the aisle, when they walked into the reception hall, when they danced, when we all danced, when we all jumped up and down to this epic song, when they walked to their car, when they drove away. Yeah. My voice was completely gone the next day.

I helped decorate the car, amidst ridiculously vicious ice-cold wind, and then when they came through the line of cheering people and I hugged Benjamin and smashed his boutonniere, and hugged Rebekah, and screamed, and waved, and then they drove away.

heh. yeah. I think my sister-in-law Katelyn took this.
I had been trying to prepare myself for that moment for about five years. Surprise, surprise... I wasn't prepared. Solution? Refrain from actually thinking, dance wildly, and once pretty much everyone is gone... yell Taylor Swift songs into a microphone and rock out like there is no tomorrow. Very therapeutic.

I can't believe it's over.


  1. Congratulations to your brother!

  2. Congratulations to them! My only siblings are my two brothers that are both older than me. And guess what? They're both getting married next fall. We may need to talk and I may need some counseling.. Haha

  3. I love weddings! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  4. Looks like a lovely time! My brother just got engaged. So I am looking forward to a wedding;)

  5. Congratulations to your brother! I have 3 sisters, and I know I'm just going to bawl at all of their weddings!!!

  6. Congratulations to your brother! Aw, that must've been so hard for you. - It sounds like you two were (are) really close.


  7. Awwwwwww!!!Congratulations to them!!!!!! It sounds like you had an awesome time. ;) I haven't had to let go of any of my brothers yet, but... *sigh* now I'M feeling all emotional. :)

  8. Congratulations to your brother and new sis-in-law! And thank you for sharing those enjoyable, lovely pictures!

  9. Aghh! I've been waiting and waiting for this post! Ohh it sounds so wonderful and just everything Benjamin and Rebekah's wedding should have been. I'm so terribly sorry about your cold and thus extra emotionalness--that is seriously rotten. ;p But you looked beautiful, and it sounds amazing, and...I really want to go a wedding now.

  10. aww....this is so adorable and amazing and emotional all at once :) sounds like you had a great time! give congratulations to your brother for me.

  11. aww. "aggressive and triumphant and beam-worthy" i love that. this was beautiful. congrats to your brother! :))
    -jocee <3

  12. These pictures are awesome.
    I know a little of how you feel- my brother got married a couple of years ago, and I was pretty dang sentimental about it. But he has continued to be the big brother to me that he always was- he just brings a sister for me with him now when he visits, and he happens to love her a lot.
    Congrats to your brother and his beautiful new wife :)

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  14. Congratulations to your brother!!!

  15. AHH! Congrats to your bro!

  16. Loved the pictures, girl, thanks for sharing! :D Your brothers wedding seemed fantastic! Sadly, because I am the oldest in my family, theoretically speaking I'm supposed to get married first. I want at least one of my brothers to get married ahead of me though. ;)

  17. Sorry you got sick! :( That really stinks.
    And I think you looked nice. :)
    cangrats to your brother, too. :)

  18. Congratulations to your brother. I have one brother (a second one in heaven) who's a year older than me. I don't even want to think right now about him being grown up and gone. :(

  19. Looks like a great wedding. :) Congrats to your brother, and to your family in general too, on the new family member! Rebekah = gorgeous.
    I don't think I've ever heard of Chipotle catering a wedding. Cool! That's kind of a good idea...

  20. lol, congrats! yep, that settles it -- my brothers are never allowed to get married.

  21. Isn't getting sick before big events the WORST? Congratulations to your brother! I have two older sisters and then some much younger siblings after me. I'm looking forward to but dread the day I'll have to scream and wave goodbye to my two best friends.
    BTW, chipotle catered wedding=the best idea I have ever heard!

  22. So. So. So EXCITING! Congrats to your brother and his lovely bride! Sorry to hear about you being sick...that always happens on, you know...vacation, graduation, Christmas...all the important moments in life :) So happy for you (and so using the word so too much in this comment!).

  23. awww I love this post!! I know how you feel...it was so weird at first when my sister got married four years ago!! I don't think I'll ever be ready for my brother to get married! Wonderful pictures! You're so beautiful!

  24. Oh my goodness, that is sooooo cool they saved their first kiss!!!! That's what I'm doing, too! :) So sweet. I loved that the dresses were modest and everything - Rebekah's dress was gorgeous! Was that champagne I saw on the table?!? ;)
    Lovely photos!!


  25. Congratulations to them! And these photos are gorgeous! :) xx

  26. Cute :)
    My sister got married September 2010 and it still hasn't sunk in yet :)

  27. These are amazing pictures, Polka Dot! I feel like I was there :)
    It looks like the wedding was lots of fun... ohhh, I love weddings.

  28. One of my older brothers/best friend is getting married in the next 6 mos. I'm going to be such a wreck. I was reading your self-descriptions, and I was thinking "That's going to be me. And that. And that. Yep. I will totally be bawling my eyes out."
    You'll have to post an update on how you cope without your brother - so I know what to expect. ;)

  29. Aw... this post was too sweet for words.

  30. Ooh, I've been waiting for this post :) LOVE the pictures! weddings are so wonderful. congrats to your brother!

  31. Aww, this is just great, dear. :) Sooo sweet! Did they save their first kiss? <3 Aww!! :.) You and your sisters look so alike--all equally gorgeous! ;) Love the dresses!

    -lucia @ umbrella girl

  32. Congrats to your brother! I can't imagine how I'm going to be when one of my brothers gets married. Probably exactly like you. Haha. :)

  33. Oh my, I LOVE the tulle above the pews in the sanctuary! SO BEAUTIFUL!

    What lovely photos! Congrats to your brother!

  34. Congrats to your bro and his girl!


  35. Congrats to your brother!

    I have been a bridesmaid once. I was a little emotional, I will admit. And when the happy couple had driven away and I got done waving, I looked down at the ground for some reason. And found that the hem of my *expensive* bridesmaid dress was an inch deep in a... *mud puddle*.

    I hadn't noticed I was standing in the mud puddle because I was wearing heels. Brilliant move, right? :D


  36. Congrats to your brother! I loved all the photos.. it was a lovely wedding!! I have four brothers too.. but sadly only ONE is married thus far. LoL.

  37. Congratulations to your brother! It looked like the wedding was lot of fun! I'm going to one myself the day after thanksgiving :)

  38. Awww! CONGRATS to your brother and his wife! Great pics. =)

  39. Congrats to your brother! :) and lovely pictures!

  40. NOT the end! The beginning! But I understand...I get emotional at weddings, too. They are a beautiful couple. Best wishes to them!

  41. Congrats to your brother, it looks like a beautiful wedding.

  42. Congrats to your brother! :)

    The reception looks fabulous- I LOVE Chipotle! :)


  43. All the pictures are beautiful, but those black and whites are EXTRAORDINARY!!!

  44. so happy to see all these pictures !your blog is so great ,full of fashion elements, I like all these pictures you posted , I also enjoy reading what you wrote ,and I have followed you ,can you follow me ? It will be my pleasure if come and pay a visit . Kisses . :)


  45. hey sweet, congrats for your brother !!

    followed you, mind to follow me back? :)

  46. I gave you the stylish blogger award! http://gracy-girl.blogspot.com/2011/11/i-got-stylish-blogger-award.html

  47. Congrats to your brother!!! This post made me smile so so big. Thanks for sharing this special day with us!


  48. wow. what a beautiful wedding! congrats on the first kiss...i wanna do that too, one day, Lord willing. :)

    my brother is getting married this august....i don't think it will sink in very fast with me either. ;)



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