Friday, November 11, 2011

heroes wear dog tags

in honor of the real-life heroes who are tough enough to fight for our freedom,

and their families, who are tough enough to let them go.

happy veterans day.

last three photos via pinterest


  1. well said!! so proud to be married to one who has served, as well as belonging to a family where grandfather, father uncles and cousins also gave all!

  2. Amen! 'Thank you' doesn't seem enough...


  3. I just love this! My husband and I are both active duty military and it is encouraging to see so much support! Thank you all for that!!

  4. amen amen amen. beautiful. :))
    -jocee <3

  5. My Dad's in the military.
    He might not wear a cape, but he's a hero to me!

  6. beautiful and touching post. Thanks,

  7. The little boy saluting makes me want to cry... a river.
    Happy Veteran's Day.
    And thank you Lord for not taking my Mommy and Daddy too soon.

  8. Hi Polka Dot!

    I'm not sure if you accept blog awards, but if you do, there are two little somethings waiting for you on my blog (Julia's Journal). :)

    Have a blessed day!

  9. Awesome post.

    And. I just saw pics from your brother's wedding in an article somewhere online. o.O I was like, hey, I know those people! Well sorta. =P

    And let's definitely meet up next time I'm out your way. A photoshoot in Portland sounds perfect to me. =D

  10. Really great. My dad's in the US Air Force (Boys in Blue :D) and thankfully the only time he has been living away was one year stationed at Korea. But, he's a hero too because he keeps the other people fighting where they are.

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  12. Great post! My dad was in the army. =)


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