Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I got a bunch of ridiculously cute pictures of my niece Katie when we were at the beach last week.

She looks a lot like her mommy when she makes this face.

And she looks SO MUCH like baby pictures of her Auntie Beka in this picture! 
The same evil look.

This action is usually accompanied my something like, "Dyumm nonna??" 
We do not know what it means.

Then she got silly. :-)

Is she cute or what?


  1. Yep. She's cute. Is she walking yet and giving her mommy a break?

  2. Yup! She's walking alright...EVERYWHERE!
    She's so much fun!

  3. OmG!!!! What a cute niece I have! only figures... look at her relatives. :) *smug grin*

    though seriously some those faces are insanely adorable! Like I didn't even know she could make that mischievous grin! :) and that one face looks EXACTLY like her mommy! :)

  4. Sooooo stinking cute! You got some great shots!

  5. She is sooooooo cute!!!! I love those pictures. :D


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