Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Leap Year

I wanted to see this movie in the theater, but didn't get around to seeing it until it had been out on DVD for quite a while.
I liked it, but I didn't adore it.

Partly, because I am not a huge fan of Irish-ness.

However, I am a fan of Amy Adams. I love her style, I love her hair, and I love that she isn't super-duper-gorgeous. She's pretty and cute, but she's much more normal-looking than some actresses.

She looks so cute here.

I liked this outfit.

He looks like a peasant. And he has goober hair.

And he was kinda rude. Actually, really rude. But that is partly due to deep bitterness and a broken heart and all, which I like. But still. He was a little too rude.

It's okay to be rude sometimes, but be a rude gentleman.
Oh, and his name is Declan. Ew.
I did like his pants.

He got more likable as the movie went on (of course). I really liked this scene.

Her white coat was pretty awesome.

Her slimy, shrimpy boyfriend. There is something seriously wrong with his face.
I love Declan's (wince) face here.

He reminds me of a cartoon character here... I can't figure out who, though.
The last scene was deliciously epic, with them kissing on a cliff and all. 

And I loved that he was really cool and manly about actually proposing, and that it ended with them being married. 
I hate it at the end of romantic comedies, when the guy is like, "Uh, let's move in together". (Or in "The Devil Wears Prada", "Uh, let's move back in together.)

P.S. This movie had an almost identical basic plot line to one of my favorite-est movies of all time, "It Happened One Night". I will be doing a review about that one of these days.


  1. Okay, seriously! The end was so much better than I thought it was going to be. When she asked if he wanted to "not-make-plans with her" I was super irritated!
    What kind of relationship is that??

    So, yeah. He turned out to be cool in the end and dispelled her insecurities by actually being a MAN letting her know that he actually WANTED her for ALWAYS.

    I was very relieved. :-)

  2. This was cute I thought. "Diddly-i! Diddly-i!" :-) I was pleasantly surprised with the end too. And I liked that he wasn't some drop-dead gorgeous actor, it was his character and (eventually) his kindness that made him attractive.

  3. Totally agree with you on all accounts
    ....especially about the cartoon character look, peasantness, and rudeness of the hero...which was somehow still likable.

  4. i've been wanting to see this movie. now i want to even more!! =)

  5. There was something seriously wrong with her boyfriends face... But I can't figure out what.

    I love Irish-ness! He had a great accent.

    He was too rude... And I didn't feel like he improved all that much in the end. Though she did wreck his car. :P

    I loved how he wanted to make plans with her. :D That was a great line.

  6. Aw it looks really cute! I want to see it :)

  7. I really want to see this now!

  8. I really enjoyed this movie! I loved Penelope more, but I liked Declan.
    Didn't prefer his name, but he was funny and his proposal was SOOO cool!
    I loved it how they actually got engaged and married in the end.
    And he beat up THREE mean theives for for her! *sigh*
    This was a cute movie. :) :)

  9. I really want to see this movie too!! :)
    Oh, oh! Even though I haven't seen the movie, just by the pics, the guy (Delcan - and yes, ew!! :P ) reminds me of Jon in the Garfield cartoon books!! :D Is THAT the cartoon character you were thinking of?

    PS: I'm having a giveaway at my blog ;)

  10. I actually watched this movie cause I saw a picture of it on your blog.

    I understand all the points you make about it, but I personally loved the movie a lot.

    I love the Irish feel of it, and how the two main characters aren't perfect. (Who is?)
    Afterall, a man with a bitter heart, who has nothing in common with a fussy, and at times ridiculous women, would probably be rude to her. Although, I think part of it was their cultural differences.
    What I really liked about the movie was that Amy Adam's character finally realizes she shouldn't be with a loser who didn't even really want to propose to her. If a man isn't willing to marry you then what's the point of such a deep relationship?
    I liked how they showed that the "old and stuffy" traditions of marriage were the right ways to go.

  11. I totally forgot this movie was ever made. But I seriously have a few tears rolling down my face I was laughing so much at your comments. Goober hair. :D

  12. In the pic that you said he looks like a cartoon character, maybe he reminds you of shaggy in scooby do. That is who it reminds me of :)

  13. in that pic he reminds me of Sid the Sloth of ice age.. Probably because both of them are kinda chinless.. :]

  14. I love this movie, such a funny and romantic one!

  15. K...finally saw it. :D actually, a couple months ago, but...I just forgot to leave a comment telling you so :D hahaha
    It was good movie. I'm STILL not a huge fan of Amy Adams. I'm sorry! she always plays such ditz-y characters...so annoying!!
    Matthew Goode was...hilarious!! He's such a jerk, but you can't help but...like him...okay, like him a little bit! :P :D haha I wouldn't got for him. haha Oh, and oh my word, he reminds me of my cousin!!! Not saying any names, though ;) hahaha

  16. I finally watched this movie because of this review. And I really did not care for most of it (there were a lot of elements I liked but not how they were put together) but I giggled like a freak through the ENTIRE thing because I kept thinking "he has goober hair." or "there is something seriously wrong with his face." I had to just give up having a beverage until it was over.

  17. I liked the movie. :-) I watched it before I read the review, and didn't agree with you at all in most cases. I liked Matthew Goode, I liked Amy Adams. I think you're just biased against the country Irish scew of the movie. lol


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