Thursday, July 15, 2010


ModCloth is a cool place. Basically everything is retro-inspired, and while some if it is quite ugly and/or immodest, some of it is super cute! A few of the dresses below would be too short for me, but some of them I would totally wear.

The collar on the navy blue dress is to die for.

Have I mentioned that I love grey and pink together?



  1. All those dresses are adorable! I want to go buy them RIGHT NOW! and omg I love peacock fashion toooooo!!!!!

  2. I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ooooooh!!! :D I love the polka dot one and the grey one with pink trim <3 <3 :D Love love love!!!

  4. I WANT THAT SHOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I found a dress with a teal background and peacock feathers all over it... the wispy-est, daintiest silk thing ever...but it was totally immodest. Still wish I'd gotten it and worn it over a tee, but as you said, *swoon*. :D

  5. We should have bought you those peacock boots at Seaside!

  6. I've always loved grey and pink you remember how I was going to make that Civil War ball dress with the solid grey fabric and pink ribbons? I still think that would've been awesome. :-)

  7. absolutely darling!!!

  8. You are my kind of girl!!!! Not joking!!! You love soo many of the same things I do, like, for instance, 50'S FASHION!!!!!!!!!! Which is to die for. The dresses, omystars, I woulda worn all of those dresses! Not even sure if I have a favorite or not! But thank you so much for sharing. BTW, where do you find 50's stuff like those dresses? Is there a special website specifically for 50's fashion and whatnot, or what? Please share! ttul


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