Monday, July 26, 2010

In which I give you something.

I am having a giveaway for this book!

I read this last week and absolutely loved it. :-) Read my review about it at my other blog  here.
This summer I have been reading a lot because I have a huge book list! And I'd love to know some good books that you have been influenced by.

SO. There are four ways to enter:

1. Posting about it on your blog. (you can grab this photo to add to it)
2. Following my blog.
3. Putting my blog button on your blog (it's on my sidebar).
4. Answering this question: 
What are some great books that you have been influenced by?

You can enter four times--just leave an individual comment for each entry.

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed! Stay tuned for more giveaways to come. :-)


  1. Yeah! Giveaway!
    I think I'm actually answering #4 ;-)
    One book that I think influenced my life has been "Big Girls Don't Whine" by Jan Silvous. It's a great book on being content and LIVING the life God has given you.
    I've also been reading Nancy Wilson's "Building Her House", also very encouragin.

  2. I am reading A Chance to Die, by Elisabeth Elliot. Its all about a woman with a passion for God, and I am really enjoying it!

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  4. I posted to my blog! :)

  5. I'm a follower of your blog! =)

  6. My Answer:
    Authentic Beauty - Leslie Ludy.
    Gone With the Wind - Margaret Mitchell
    The Face - Angela Hunt
    Twice Pardoned - Harold Morris
    For Young Women Only - Shaunti Feldhan
    The Debt - Angela Hunt
    Lies Young Women Believe - Nancy Leigh DeMoss

  7. I'm a follower of your blog! :-)

  8. #4: I love to read... so I would say:
    Beautiful girlhood
    Stepping Heavenward
    Emilie's Creative Home Organizer
    ect... ;-)

  9. Passion & Purity By Elisabeth Elliot.
    When Dreams Come True By Eric & Leslie Ludy.
    The Bible.
    I kissed Dating Goodbye By Josh Harris. Those are just a few of MANY books that I love!!

  10. I posted about it on my blog:

  11. I am a follower of your blog, (a *faithful* one, at that.)

  12. I have your button on my blog! :-)

  13. I'm going to say "Stepping Heavenward" and "Hidden Art." There are so many more, but my brain can dig only so deep right now. I need a nap.

  14. I think I've been influenced by Joyce Meyers "Never Give Up". Sure, it may be geared towards adults, but I benefited from it wonderfully!
    Her analogies are great, & she puts things into perspective.

    Thanks for having this giveaway!
    & thanks for the comments on my blogs :)

  15. I'm a follower! And I really like your blog title!

  16. Oh, oh enter me please!! :)
    I posted about it twice - on my personal blog and on my giveaway blog.

  17. I now follow your blog...excited! ;)

  18. Answer to your question :)

    'Set~Apart Femininity' by Leslie Ludy
    'His Perfect Faithfulness' by Eric and Leslie Ludy
    'Do Hard Things' by Alex and Brett Harris
    'Raising Maidens of Virtue' by Stacy McDonald

    just to name a few... ;)

  19. I am going to enter by answering #4: The Bible has influenced my life the most. It has changed me, who I was, and it is changing me now to who God wants me to become.

  20. I put your blog button on my blog! =)

  21. I've been following your blog for a while...does that count? :)

  22. Books:

    A Severe Mercy-AMAZING book! by Sheldon Vanauken

    Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaffer

    there are more...but I can't think of them...

  23. The Keeper of the Bees by Gene Stratton Porter has changed my life and my perception of bees. Maybe their sole purpose in life isn't to sting me, after all... ;)

  24. Please enter me! I am now a follower. =)

  25. I'm a Donald Miller fan, too.

    I've also written a book that I'd be glad to donate to you for a review and give-away. If your interested, details of the book are here:

    My main blog is Family Fountain.

    Linked here from heathersjoy.



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