Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Anthropologie is a very unique online clothing store that I have been poking around on, and I found some adorable stuff to show you. :-) I like a lot of their style... it is rather unusual, but definitely stylish. They have some lovely colors (see orange cardigan later on--swoon), and some really nice neutrals. Like most places I like, it is spendy. But it's fun to look at!

They have a lot of flowy, jersey-type knits with floral detailing and draping that I love.

This tanktop would be lovely with a brown shrug...

This green top is a very unusual cut, but I think it is lovely. 
(It would be monstrously indecent on me, though.)

Pink. So lovely

This ruffly skirt. I love it.

I saw a top similar to this in the Coldwater Creek magazine and coveted it tremdously. 
Something about the abtract-ish water-color-ish-ness. 

I apologize if any one is sick and tired of these really long posts full of pictures. But I have an obsession.


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