Monday, May 24, 2010

Baby Fashion Part II

As promised, here are photos of my adorable nieces, Katie and Ruby, modelling beauteous baby clothing throughout their lives. (They are both just over 1 year now). 
 Basically all of the clothing is Carter's.

This is Katie.

This is Ruby.

Here they are together, earlier in life. 

Carter's lady bugs!

Despite the extreme cuteness of baby clothes....

There isn't anything cuter than a naked baby.

Especially one with these eyes!

I love this type of hat for babies!

Cowgirl Carter's. *swoon*

Adorable Katie in orange... trying to drink the closed bottle of apple cider...

Ruby with cute clothes and an... odd expression.
Her outfit reminds me of a pumpkin.

Original baby fashion! My sister (Katie's mom) made this for her.

Katie with rag curlers and adorable jammies.


And just in case you haven't laughed yet today...

I give you this photo.


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