Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Tangled was awesome.
I have been dying to see it ever since the rumors  first started circulating about it's production. 
And then when several people I know saw it and liked it, I was just a little impatient to see it already!
It was far better than I had hoped or expected. Probably my favorite Disney movie ever, actually.

I have a new crush. Flynn Rider. He's got all I love in a man:
a bit (or more) of a bad boy
expressive eyebrows
great style. boots? oh yes!
amazing hair
white horse
a huge arrogance problem
fantastic nose
...and he likes brunettes!

White shirt with rolled up sleeves.
Sweet belt action.
Way-cool boots.

He even has a cross-body messenger bag!
Well, in the movie they called it a satchel. But whatever.
Yup, he's my soulmate.

Rapunzel was awesome, too. She didn't bug me like many Disney girls bug me.
I have always loved Mandy Moore's voice, and there were some absolutely beautiful songs.

Maximus. He was absolutely hilarious. And strangely, reminded me of my cat.

It was just an all-around beautiful movie. So colorful and shiny.

I was such a wreck during this scene. It was so sweet and beautiful and warm fuzzying.

And... I cried at the end.
I am restraining myself from squealing about all the good parts, because I don't want to give it away.
So go and see it as soon as humanly possible and as you watch the really, really awesome scenes,
think of me and imagine me squealing.

I'm sure that will make your experience more enjoyable.

Moving on.
Have you seen it? What did you think?


  1. I haven't seen it yet, but I really, really, really, really want to!!! :-) There's 8 people in my family, and theaters are too expensive, so we'll see it when it comes to Netflix!!! I can't wait! :-)

    (Oh, and this is totally random, but what did you think of Princess and the Frog, if you saw it? I'm just wondering...)

  2. I REALLY want to go see this movie! We'll probaly wait and get it from Netflix, though. :(

  3. I can't wait to see this movie.


  4. Haha It was such a good movie. And i already had a HUGE CRUSH on Zachary Levi. So I can totally relate with you liking Flynn after all.. Its Zacharies voice!! :D

  5. I'm in love with Eugene :) He was brilliant. And the lantern scene? It.was.perfect.

  6. It looks so good! Is it still in theaters?

  7. I can't believe you went and saw this without me...

  8. i havent seen it yet (waiting for it to go to a cheaper theatre in town) but i fell in love with flynn from the first commercial i saw. i cant help but love men with a sense of humor. :)

  9. Vanessa--I did see it, and liked it mostly. I'll have to do a post about it sometime. :)

    Valentine--yes, most definitely! It hasn't been out very long.

  10. I want to see this soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. :-P

  11. I need to see this movie! NOW!!!!!!!! lol!

  12. I really want to see this! Everyone called me Rapunzel as a little girl b/c I had long hair. ;-) I always used to wonder why there wasn't a "Disney Princess" Rapunzel. And oh, glory...blond hair and green eyes!!! I get my Disney Girl! ;-P

    Anyway. I really want to see this! ;-)

  13. I saw this movie. :) and, as you porbably already guessed, LOVED IT!!!!
    I named my new kitty after Flynn. ^_^
    Unlike many Disney princess's, Repunzel was lovable and she was funny, great songs. So loved it!
    Great post!!! So happy you were able to see it!

  14. I absolutely adored it! Though I'm sure you could tell that from my post. :)

    I've decided that I want paper lanterns (like in the movie, not like Chinese ones) and the song "Kingdom Dance" in my wedding...someday. :) I love the soundtrack! I was just listening to it last night.

    I came so close to crying at the end. My mom did, too. But I try to hold myself together when I'm watching movies with other people.

    I really want to go see it again, but since we've got VODT coming up Friday, I'll probably just wait until it comes out on DVD. Which can't come soon enough!


  15. Awwww...I wanna see it so bad! Flynn looks so super funny.

  16. Oh my goodness I SOOO want to see this!! Dumb finals... :(

  17. Aw, I haven't seen it yet!! I wasn't sure if it was going to be that good or not, but since you put it that way, I otta hop right on over to Redbox as soon as it hits DVD! Oh gosh, now you've made me wanna see it really bad! Tangled and Hoodwinked are right up on my list to watch. (;

  18. I want to see it so bad - last night my brother and I watched some short clips of it on YouTube. Methinks we woke up the little ones from our laughing. ;)

  19. Hee hee, this movie rocks!

    When they were preparing to do the lantern ceremony and it showed the mom and dad and the dad was crying I SO WANTED TO CRY the dad was making me tear up!!

    Love, love LOVE Tangled! :D

    I love the lantern scene on the water was so amazing.

    *happy sigh*

  20. No, I bought the soundtrack through Amazon MP3. I'm going to burn it to a CD, too, but we don't have any blank ones right now. Anyway, they were having a special over Black Friday weekend...the whole album download was only $3.99! So I got the soundtrack before I even saw the movie. :) They're not having the sale anymore, but it's still only $7.99 and definitely worth it!

    Here's the link:


  21. Kristin--thank you! This is going on my Christmas list. :)

  22. I really, like REALLY, wanna see this movie! Hehe ;) I think my mom said we could go out soon a girl's night and see it in theaters. I'm very much looking forward to it! :)


  23. Oh my goodness, I'm hearing so many great things about this movie. I want to go see it *so* bad! I love Flynn, just from watching the trailers. ;)

  24. It was soooooo amazing!!!! I *LOVED* it!!!!

  25. I have seen commercials for this movie, and it looks pretty good, BUT Voyage of the Dawn Treader is/has been first on my list to see. Oh golly, ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!! I'm just BUBBLING OVER. Not lyin. I am in love with Narnia.

    TRUMPKIN: "You've got to be kidding me! You're it?? You're the Kings and Queens of Old??"
    Peter: "High King Peter, the Magnificent."
    SUSAN: "You could've left off the last part."
    TRUMPKIN: "Probably." *grins*

    New favorite line from Prince Caspian. LOL ttul

  26. Yay!! I knew you'd like it!

    Sheesh... this post made me want to see it again!... or at least throw a "Tangled" Party =D

  27. Awww... I've been wanting to see this movie sooooo... bad!!! And now that you said how awesome it was, I want to see it soooo, crazily, really, really, really bad!!! LOL!!!

  28. How cool! I'm actually gonna see it tonight! :-)

  29. I saw that movie 2 weeks ago, and it was AWESOME! I loved it! It is one of the best disney movies I've seen! :)

  30. Zachary Levi is my absolute favorite actor right now, and Mandy Moore is a close second on my actresses list, so this movie was ridiculously good.
    Flynn gave me hope that there's a guy out there that will like me for my brunette hair. Haha!
    I want to see it again! Want to join me? :)

  31. I saw this movie!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO GOOD!!! Flynn is sooo cute!!! And Repunzel was sweet, funny and pretty!!! Unlike other disney princesses!! I LOVED THE MOVIEI RECOMEENED IT TO EVERYONE!!

  32. Oh, I loved this movie! It was so much better then I expected!

    Flynn was amazing, 'nough said.

  33. I've had this post starred every since you published it, meaning to comment as soon as I got my own review of Tangled up. I just didn't expect it to take a month, LOL! I ADORED this movie, and I agree with everything you say about Flynn Ryder! He was awesome. :)

  34. I LOVED that movie! I had teas in my eyes at the end, too! Haha!

  35. Oh my goo! This movie rocked my socks!
    I love love love Rapunzel!
    and Flynn....he was my new crush after I saw the movie too. And now that it's out on DVD....okay, I am totally getting that ASAP!! LOL. just go to all the scenes with Flynn...except the whole movie is to good to never mind.

    You aren't the only one who squealed and cried (like a baby on my part) btw.


  36. I saw it, loved it, and had my grandma trying to comfort me at the end. Glad to know I wasn't the only one in tears :)

  37. I L-O-V-E-D the movie tangled I think you pretty much said everything i thought about. He got you too? LOL!


  38. Okay, wow. I found your blog by accident yesterday, and I love it! We're actually very similar, especially in movie tastes. :)

    I LOVE TANGLED SO MUCH. I saw it last December, and I instantly became obsessed with it. Flynn Ryder = perfect man. GAH! I finally found someone else who likes a little bit of "bad boy" in a guy. AND THE ENDING SCENE?! Seriously. I was bawling my eyes out. And it takes quite a bit in a movie to make me cry. Although... incidentally, Toy Story 3 gets me every time. :D

    The whole movie was perfection, and it's my new favorite Disney movie ever as well, with Pocahontas and Aladdin tying for second place. ;)


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