Saturday, December 11, 2010

oh, how I love coloring books

Today we celebrated St. Nicholas day. 
This involves lots of presents, specializing in candy and chocolate and smallish items, 
stuffed into rather large stockings, with all the extra in a gift bag for each person. 
It's actually on December 6th, but we couldn't round up the whole clan until today.

Most notably, I received an amazing Tangled  color book from my mother... 
who knows how immature I am.
Needless to say, I spent most of the rest of my day coloring.

It makes me very, very happy.
I also got the Titanic soundtrack from my sister (!!!), the Starbucks mug pictured above, and the movie 
It Happened One Night, (one of my favorite old movies) AND chocolate pop-tarts and lots of candy. : )

After opening our stockings in a blanket-filled, paper-strewn, messy-haired, pajama-clad frenzy, 
we eat very large late breakfast. 
Always featuring my mom's ah-mazing cinnamon rolls.

My brother Joseph. Very happy, because he is passing his plate for more food.
Also because he has a really cute wife.

I caught a couple of Virginia's 9-week-old smiles.

Baby Victoria. She's a scrumptious little cuddle-bug.

I tried to get a good photo of my sister and brother-in-law's family... which proved to be difficult, considering Miss Katie's spacey indifference to the whole thing. Eventually she seemed to decide that this was no picture for the family Christmas card--it was a photo for her modeling portfolio.


  1. That photo of the mug of cocoa should be a Starbucks ad. SERIOUS. Good grief I want a hot beverage now!

    I was coloring today! At the restaurant with my friend's 17 month old. I was having quite a lot of fun and I'm well past the age of that so I totally *get* the fun of a coloring book. Then again, my mom would love to get a coloring book and box of new crayons so maybe it runs in our family (or young at heart!).

    The last line of this post made laugh! She certainly is "striking a pose" but you even got the baby to look at you and I consider that a win.

  2. Oooo! I love to color in coloring books! :D

  3. I love colouring books!

    And Katie is super cute! :D

  4. Coloring books are awesome! I babysit three kids a few days ago, and we colored. It was an "Arthur" coloring book, ya know, the animal with glasses?!?! LOL So much fun!! LOVE the pic of the Starbucks mug.... amazing. ttul

  5. Everything about this post is cute. =)

  6. Your pictures always leave me breathless. They're so clear, so colorful, and just plain gorgeous. ^.^

    Excuse me whilst I go search for my jaw... ;)

  7. Hey Polka Dot!

    I awarded you over at my blog J.O.Y.!! Just wanted u to know. I think I'm doing this right. Stop on over, please! Thanks!!!!!


  8. Oh, the Titanic soundtack is amazing! One of my favorites. <3 And wow, those cinnamon rolls are making my mouth water. YUM! Loved this post! :)

  9. Hehe I love coloring too! Its my guilty pleasure in life. ^_^ Those cinnamon rolls look AMAZING.

  10. What fun! I don't think I've ever known anyone to celebrate St. Nicholas day. And can I just tell you I NEED a Tangled coloring book in my life! Saw the film this weekend and LOVED it (review coming soon!).

  11. Polka Dot, check out my blog. =)

  12. Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad I found your blog... My favorite shoes are my cute red ones! I completely understand your sentiments :D xo

  13. What fun! Those cinnamon rolls look so good!


    I've tagged you!

  14. Your blog is simply charming! I love all the photos you post, and my you make me hungry with all of the delicious food! :) Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm looking forward to reading more of your fun posts!


  15. I'm definitely jealous of your Tangled coloring book! Gosh I want one of those.

  16. Heehee... I totally got the same coloring book :)


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