Tuesday, December 28, 2010


lover of blue skies,
the Spanish language,
getting away from this dreary Oregon winter,
eating lots of food,
and Mexicans,
am going on a cruise to Mexico...
...in three weeks!

We went in April, with my sweet step-grandma...
this time Bethany and I are going with my mom.
I'm going to revel in taking hundreds of photos with my new camera, and am going to eat way more food.

Cruises are the best, because you pay a flat fee for your meals, so that when you are on the ship, 
you can consume as much steak, lobster, ice cream, donuts, fruit loops, 
and fresh-squeezed orange juice as you jolly well want to.
I take advantage of that, let me tell you.
 Last time we never ate any food on land.
I am SO not passing up that opportunity again--
real, authentic Mexican food!

In other news, I've been eating leftover Christmas cookies constantly for the last two days.
And my sister and brother-in-law gave me the beautiful camera strap that I've been longing for.

And I have a brand-spanking-new blog button, which makes me way happier than my last one.

Here ya go.

life is too short not to wear red shoes


  1. ive always wanted to go on a cruise, yet im kinda scared to. idk if i would get sea sick or not. lol

  2. Yay! We're going to MX in March! I've never been on a cruise but I want to! Have fun and cute new button.

  3. Yay for Mexico! And your new blog button is rad. :-)

  4. How exciting!!!! So happy for ya, girlie!!
    We'll talk more ;)

  5. Yay!!! Your leaving almost the exact time I am.
    How long are you going to be gone??
    I can't wait to hear more about it, it's so exciting!!!
    I am so happy for you!
    ~Anna P.

  6. Have fun!

    I love cruises too, especially the whole all you can eat thing. :)
    I'm still trying to lose all the weight I put on from the one I went on in Nov.

  7. Mmmmm, a cruise...that would be so lovely right now, living amongst all this snow. ;) Have fun!

  8. Gee whiz, you're going on a cruise? How exciting! That sounds so amazing. Oh, golly. (I say that in a Katharine Hepburn kind of way when I'm surprised.) I am so happy for you! :-D


  9. Careful with all this eating cookies and donuts and lobster. It'll catch up with you.

    But have lots of fun!

  10. Ah, I wish I could go with you.:)Travel is one of my favorite thigs, just wish I could do it more often.

  11. WOW that sounds like fun. All the vacations I go on are usually to see my family back East.


  12. I've never been on an all-out cruise---just one that took an hour or two to finish. I really would love to go on one, and the food is making me excited haha :)

    In light of your blog's name, what are you wearing for New Year's Eve? hehe.

  13. I am loving your summery shots!! And your new camera strap cover is adorable!!

  14. Cute blog!!! I am going on a cruise tomorrow night to the Grand Cayman Islands and Jamacia! I can't wait... have fun in Mexico!

  15. Congratulations! That sounds like lots of fun.

    By the way, I'm a new follower. My name is Olivia and I run the blog HorseFeathers (ofhorsefeathers.blogspot.com) should you care to check it out. Like you, I have a fondness for fashion and donuts. ;)

  16. I love the button! I added it to my links page :)

    Au Revoir,


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