Wednesday, December 15, 2010

random loves

this shirt
I adore ruffles.
And the sky in heaven will be this color. 
Sometimes the sky around here gets close, and I know that it is the color it was destined to be.
When I was little, I thought that sapphires were this color, 
so all of my heroines in my stories had huge sapphire eyes.
I was heartbroken when I found out that they were boring old dark blue.
(wait... will there be sky in heaven?)

this sweater
I'm crazy about drapey necklines.

this coat
I love the sleeves.
these shoes
You know how I feel about ruffles.
And shoes with adorable lining just make. me. happy.
I have ones lined with leopard spots, plaid, red and white polka dots.

I'm pretty sure I would never buy an orange coat, because I would be all jumpy about what to wear it with. Which would mean I would never wear it.
Seriously, I have issues with orange. I like the color, but it's hard to combine.
orange and black--Halloween.
orange and pink--shoot me right now.
orange and red--um, shoot me again. 
Once, a stylish friend who I love wore red Converse with orange laces.
I was shocked, horrified, and we nearly had a falling-out.
(we are still friends, however)
orange and brown--can be beautiful, but also can be sorta pumpkin patch-ish.
orange and green--amazing, provided the green is the right shade. Otherwise, again, pumpkins.
How do you feel about orange? Do you have any colors you love to mix it with?


  1. Granted, I don't really wear orange either, but I think that coat would look lovely with a creamy, frilly blouse underneath and some smart, dark gray trousers (or pencil skirt).

    I love cowl neck sweaters. I'm wearing one right now!

    Ruffles are cute, but I'm always scared to wear them for fear of looking grannyish somehow...
    (I do realize there is very little logic behind this though.)

  2. The coat... :drools:
    The shoes... :faints:


  3. I love Orange (though I can't wear certain shades). I love Orange and pink, but it can be really, REALLY bad for some outfits/shades. It kinda has to be the right thing.
    But I love light blue and orange together. As long as it's the right shade, you usually can't go wrong with light blue and orange.

  4. Ooh, ooh!! I want the blue shirt!! And if you like droopy necklines, you'll like me outfit tomorrow ;) *heehee*
    The coats are ADORABLE!!!!!

  5. I love orange and brown, even if I do look like a pumpkin. Although I do have to say that I only own two orange shirts. I don't own more orange because I have a fear that my hair won't look as red. :P

  6. I love the sweater! And the shoes too! <3


  7. I would say orange clothing goes very well with grey, cream, and many shades of blue.

  8. Yes, it definitely goes with grey... I guess I didn't think of that because I don't have any grey. :P

  9. orange and blue, orange and gray, and orange with aqua.

  10. hey i love ruffles too! :) and i so want that cream colored coat.

  11. I'm totally smitten with the heels and white coat~ ♥♥♥
    You have a great eye for fashion!


  12. Love, love, LOVE that adorable coat! :)

  13. Purple goes with orange. A bit shocking, but fashion-wise it is a YES. Purple and red are complimentary colors after all, and orange is part of the red family.

    I haven't really tried the combination yet, though I think a nice dark orange (more like a rust) would look very nice with a plum color. ;)

  14. I would wear everything you just posted about. I want that coat in red, but not orange!


  15. orange and blue are a beautiful combination!!! i bet you would look really good in both:)

  16. oh my gosh !! i love your blog ! so stinkin cute!! love the blues ruffle shirt! and i totally am the biggest sucker for ruffles !! love them! i almost bought and orange coat similar to that one, but i couldnt afford it, i wonder if i would have ever worn it though, i used to like the color then a old boyfriend told me no one in their right mind wheres the color orange.
    so i stopped wearing it
    but you kknow what ? i dont care what he thinks! i will wear whatever color iwant!!

    did i already say this?? welll i love your blog!!!


  17. I totally agree with Elen's suggestions... and I love orange with purple too! I mean, I can't wear orange. Ever. But orange and purple together, especially a dark purple, or even eggplant are pretty awesome.

  18. I've never really thought about what to pair orange with....I don't look good in orange so I don't wear it.
    That blue shirt is ADORABLE. I like ruffles too. ;)

    Hello! I'm a newish follower of yours and I would like you to know that I think your blog is ADORABLE!!!

  19. I love that second shirt, that coat, and those shoes... but I don't think I could wear that orange coat. I look terrible in orange, BUT, if I were to wear it... it looks long enough for denim leggings to be appropriate, or I'd go with my grey jeans. Like others said, most shades of blue and some shades of purple can work well with orange.

  20. love the bright blue ruffles...they're so fun!
    new follower here :) xoxo {av}

  21. Orange is one of my "colors", and I love it. I do pair it with brown (guilty grin). I can't help that I'm an Autumn!

    And Mich's suggestion about plum and rust sounds amazing. Great taste, girl! I've got lots of plum and'll have to try that.

    Adorable, adorable post!!!

  22. I happen to be a ruffle lover and polka dot addict myself! I'm glad I found your blog. I think it's such a blessing to be able to support other Christian's blogs. Consider me a follower, and feel free to stop by and say hi sometime!


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