Monday, December 6, 2010


Putting decorations up tends to be a rather painful and hectic experience. 
This year, however, it was greatly improved by:
Elvis Presley Christmas music
and hot chocolate with Irish cream.

On Saturday we got our tree. 
Here are Bethany and Benjamin, 
showing us the beauteous tree we found just a few minutes into the search.
(oh, and that's my dad on the left... eating an apple...)

Of course it was too good to be true--
I mean, we hadn't tromped all over the entire hillside, quarreling, 
getting muddy feet, and ultimately turning the entire thing into a family feud.
Benjamin got down to cut it and it was all crooked or something. So we moved on...

This picture makes me happy, because I haven't gotten a decent picture of this girl in a long time.
She is so PRETTY!

Weird Bethany and Mama. 

Ben: "This seems like a good idea!"

"Oh, this is a better idea."

Comparing footwear. Bethany is the one in the boots. : )
Like my socks? LOL.

 Yeah, he's a weirdo.

Benjamin, with strength unknown to man, felled our beauteous tree that we ended up choosing.
Without anyone getting angry at each other! 
I think that was a first.

Herman's stump.

Every year, Mama picks us each out an ornament that sort of represents our previous year. 
Last year I got this ruby-red sparkley slipper. And this year I got the Cheshire Cat. : )


  1. all the pictures! They are so cool! I love the bokeh on the 3rd from last and the 2nd from last. Beautiful! That Christmas tree looks great:-)

  2. Lovely photos! Your mum looks a LOT like mine!

  3. A red shoe ornament - how appropriate! :)

    That photo of the berries is stunning as is the photo of Bethany - completely gorgeous. A nice joie de vivre. :)

    And now I want hot chocolate.

  4. Ooh! What lovely pictures, dear!! Glad you got your tree! ;) And the decorations and lights are all so pretty!! ♥ *sigh*
    YUM! And the hot chocolate looks absolutely delicious!!! Save some for me! ;) *HUGS*

    Love ya!

  5. PS: And yes!!! That's a FABULOUS photo of Bethany!! She's so gorgeous!

  6. Do we get to see a picture of your Cheshire Cat?

  7. How fun! My mom also gets me and my brother an ornament every year. Sometimes she picks it out, and sometimes we do (or I do, anyway. My brother could care less :).

    P.S. Elvis makes everything better.


  8. I love The floral shoes!!
    p.s. Check out our Christmas giveaway:

  9. "Herman's stump"? Did you name your Christmas tree then? My family doesn't usually but this year we named our tree Gérard "Gerry" and made up a silly story about the tree being a French speaking tree because it came from Canada. We also usually cut our own tree like your family did but our local tree farm closed down this year. :(
    I love the ruby slipper ornament, how delightfully you! Bethany is so pretty! A lovely smile! :)

  10. Aw, Bethany is so gorgeous!!!! And...Beautiful bokeh :)

  11. Miss Laurie--Yes, our family names weird things like Christmas trees and Thanksgiving turkeys. :-)

  12. Awesome photos! Love the berry one and the color bokeh one. Beautiful!

  13. Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting my blog/entering the giveaway/following me. This is an adorable blog and the title...priceless. LOVE IT. =)

  14. These are lovely photos :) I especially love the berry one.
    Thanks also for following my blog, I really appreciate it :)

  15. Great tree! It's nice that you got to cut down your own. :)
    And oh, I have that same ruby slipper! I love how it sparkles in the light of the tree.

    Love always,

  16. That hot chocolate looks amazing! And thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures - looks like you all had so much fun!

  17. That looks like fun! I love, love, love holly!! pretty! Your brother looks funny! Have a great day and merry christmas!


  18. Aw your tree looks quite nice. I love real trees but we always end up with a fake one! I guess it is just easier! :) I love that top photo... it got me craving hot chocolate! I think I'mm off to make a cup! :)

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