Saturday, April 30, 2011

I gotta finish my ice cream.


fairytales by the polka dot

  • I'm exhausted and hyper and fueled on only Greek yogurt and cheerios.

  • The photo contest is going well! Thanks so much for entering. : ) I'm already getting super nervous about choosing winners...

  • I watched the royal wedding yesterday... recorded, so we could skip all the boring parts. It wasn't something I planned on doing, since I basically know nothing about the royalty. But it was pretty cool. Okay, a couple things: her dress was classy, beautiful, and amazing, and her sister's was stunning as well. I thought it was super lame that William didn't get to watch Kate walk up the aisle. Seriously, that was a fail. Poor guy! That's the best part of the wedding. 

  • That wedding made me realize even more that I could never live in England. Hello, they didn't even kiss in the ceremony! What is up with that?! At least they kissed on that balcony, and that was adorable. But still. The entire ceremony was so cold and distant. Sheesh. I betcha that the prince of Mexico would get to kiss his bride during their wedding. If there was a prince of Mexico... which would be pretty awesome, I gotta say.

  • Molly is having a giveaway that you don't want to miss.

  • I came back from my friend Hadley's house with bright blue nails. Oh yeah.

  • Today I'm going to gad about downtown Portland with two of my favorite people--my brother Benjamin and his girl, Rebekah. ♥

  • Have you figured out the relevancy of the post title? No? I don't blame ya. Benjamin wandered in here and I asked him what I should call this and he said "I gotta finish my ice cream" as in, he wanted to finish off his Starbucks java chip ice cream that he started at midnight last night. Ice cream that I'm dying to eat, too, but if I do, I'll be more of a shivery, hyper mess than I already am after one bite.* Anyways. Me: "Um, that's what my post should be called?" And he said "totally". So yeah. ;-)
  *caffeine and me? we don't get along very well. even though coffee is one of my favorite things ever. : (


  1. We normally kiss. That sounded weird... It's a royal/religious thing not to kiss in Westminster Abbey in wedding ceremonies. Anyways, it was nice but I felt it was all done a little too much for the telly and the public. It didn't feel like their day, y'know?

  2. Oh goodness, the wedding was g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! I agree with you on the whole kissing thing though. Even when they did kiss on the balcony, it was so not a 'sweet and romantic' kiss...they just sort of popped one.


    I love your Polyvore creation! That totally looks like something I'd wear. ^_^

  3. Gorgeous Polyvore! Have fun downtown! :D

  4. I completely agree on the dress and the Prince not watching her walk down the aisle! I thought she looked beautiful and I loved the lace sleeves - classy yet modest. Honestly, watching the groom watch the bride walk down the aisle is one of my favorite parts of the wedding! (especially when they haven't seen each other beforehand!).

  5. Hello Dot! I've followed your blog for awhile, and just want to drop by and ask you something.

    I'm thirteen, and I want to have a giveaway. I do not have an acocunt on Etsy, but my mom does. Any ideas for how to get people to sponsor me?


  6. Did you see this?

    ^ because it was William's choice not to see her until she arrived at the alter. I think that was amazingly sweet and adorable of him. <3 He thinks she's THAT special. =)

  7. I was trying to figure out where your post title tied in until the last paragraph. ^_^ hehe.

    I didn't watch the wedding.. sounds boring to me! But I did see the photos and I loved her dress! Very pretty. Agreed on the strange British wedding rules.. no kissing... so odd! :) Not for me. :)

  8. cute post. love the story behind the title. :)

    ♥ sécia

  9. I don't know if you got me email or not, but I sent you one about your favicon...

    Calm Water Blog Design

  10. I know!I only saw clips, but I was like "wait he didn't kiss her?!?!?"
    crazy.But we did get to see the balcony kisses.That was sweet.It was so fairy tales wedding.Sierra

  11. i got up really early to watch the wedding, and i thought it was really cool. like watching a movie kinda... very cute. the way prince william would smile and blush everytime he looked at kate was so adorable. :)

  12. Oh, you should have watched it! o.O I woke up at 5:00 AM Eastern time, and didn't regret it a bit. ;) William is simply adorable, Kate beautiful, and he *purposely* didn't watch her walk down the aisle - that way he'd be surprised when he first saw his bride. I think its soooo sweet! Oh my, and I agree, Ashley - it was darling the way William blushed when he looked at Kate. <3

    Anyway - funny story behind the post title! :)

  13. What a beautiful outfit!!! I love all of the details!

    I thought the wedding dress was gorgeous!

  14. I thot it was ADORABLE when Harry looked back as Kate's walking up the aisle, and he had this big grin on his face. He whispered, "Wait till you see her!"

    That was my favorite part in the whole wedding! :)

    I got up at 4:05 to watch the wedding, and was soooo sad at the end of the day, cuz I didn't want the day to end!So ya....


  15. HAHAHA! The thing about the title just cracked me up. Brothers are so awesome. XD

  16. I love your Polyvore set. The items you used are simply adorable.

    I agree about the Royal Wedding ceremony being quite "cold and distant". I suppose that's because it wasn't very "personal", if you understand what I mean. But other than that, I enjoyed viewing the wedding. There were quite a lot of lovely outfits that day.

    You and your brother have a great sense of humor!

  17. Didn't get up early to watch the Royal Wedding but I'll probably look up clips on YouTube. lol Yes, her dress was very beautiful...a copy of Grace Kelly's. :) And may I just say? That entire polyvore set is *A*dorable! lol :)

  18. It was a *very* traditional, British wedding...and though it was so public between televisions/internet, it seemed (as much as it COULD at the scene with almost 2,000 people in the church!) just so special for them. Dress was gorgeous...reminiscent of Princess Grace...and though I wish William could've watched her come down the aisle, Harry reportedly whispered to him, "Wait till you see her!" And Kate/William's whisperings at the altar were SWEET! At times the ceremony/service seemed stuffy, that I fast-forwarded too. LOL And the kiss on the balcony was such a peck! Could've been a tad more real emotion during the whole day, but like ya'll said, it was very public, and they're royalty; very private, reserved and poised. Still a gorgeous wedding. =D

  19. I didn't get up to see it but I definitely will see it! From what I've seen everything was beautiful and frilly and would love it. :)

  20. I'm pretty sure it's against Westminister Abbey rules to kiss, actually, so that's why they didn't. The ceremony was nice, but a little long for me :)

    I love her dress!

  21. I looked at the picture of the dress. IT was so pretty! It was still modest and yet still very beautiful. That surprised me. It seems like normally, fancy ladies wear really immodest clothing.

    Ooh! A prince of Mexico! *Swoon!* That would be the day. I imagine him with dark hair and a white shirt and white pants with a sparkly jacket on top (maybe red and gold sparkles. Whadda ya think?). And of course, the awesomest crown in the world!!!!!!!

    Awesome title! At first I thought YOU wanted to finish your ice cream, but I like this version better. :^)

    Nice outfit! I must admit, I love the heels. I'd never wear 'em though. Cute dress, too. I want sunglasses like those. *sigh*.

    Enough talking now!


  22. I love that dress, so cute:)

  23. Love this post!

    Guess what?! I made your 900th follower!!! (Would you want to be one of my followers?) <3

    Much love in Christ's name!

    Acacia (ahh cass ee ahh)

  24. Yup, I watched the wedding. Three times in one day. And once since then. And bought like, three special-edition magazines. And saved a gazillion pics. Yeah, I'm obsessive like that. And I was DETERMINED beforehand that I was not going to get all Royal-Wedding gaga. I should have known better. :-)

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